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Co-operative games evening.

Phil, Izzy, Mike and Darryl.

First up was Forbidden Island. Our first game. Seemed fun but everyone drowned before we could get the last treasure.

Next was Lord of the Rings: Battlefields. (We started with Sauron at space 14). Seemed to be going pretty well until we reached Shelob’s Lair at which point we only drew Event tiles so went straight to Shelob’s attack before we could do a thing. Darryl raced forwards 5 spaces and Sauron advanced another 3. Then everyone was destroyed except Izzy so that was that! Nasty. We used up all our axes and star cards on the Battlefields it seemed so we really struggled on the Scenario boards. Nasty. Maybe it would actually be easier with Friends and Foes.

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War of the Ring (Collecter’s Edition: Second Edition Rules; Lords of Middle Earth Expansion).

Using the CE with the 2nd edition cards and rules Mike and Phil played as Rohan and Gondor against Andy and Darryl playing as Sauron and Saruman.

The Fellowship barely made it out of Rivendell before they were driven east across the High Pass and Frodo was wounded with a Morgul Blade.  The corruption counter rapidly reached 7 and flocks of Crebain, a Nazgul and high numbers Eye dice gave the fellowship a very hard time.  Gandalf (Keeper of the Elven Ring) therefore set out (I shall go alone heals 1 corruption)  towards Rohan with Merry to rouse Theoden (Elven Ring) before Wormtongue could delay him further.  Strider was the guide but the Fellowship could hardly move and then Smeagol became the guide just as Strider found some Athelas.  The Fellowship has now safely reached Rivendell but will need some time to recover before moving on.  Smeagol has fled rather than face the Elves.

The Elves and the Dwarves (led by Gimli who never left for Rivendell) have steadily mobilized in the North and a Power too Great protects the elven Strongholds.  The Dwarves are marching towards Dol Guldur and the Elves wait outside Moria.  Yet something stirs in the Deep that may prove too strong for the Galadhrim.

To the South The Southrons are mustering on the borders of Gondor in great numbers now ready for War.  To the East armies begin to gather, but the Men of North are gathering at Dale to defend against them if needed.   Minas Tirith was besieged by Gothmog before Denethor could be stirred to action.  Indeed Madness befell him and all seemed lost.  Somehow Gothmog’s forces failed to take the Citadel and as re-inforcements began to gather from Mordor the Rohirrim arrived led by Theoden from Edoras with Gandalf the Grey at his side.  However Denethor’s Madness infected Theoden’s deployments too so a Will of the West was required before the Relief Attack could begin which lost the opportunity to bring Gandalf the White into play.  In the ensuing battle Gothmog was cut down and Minas Tirith was saved.  However new forces gather at it’s borders in ever greater numbers from Mordor and The Southrons are now poised ready to assist.  Prince Imrahil of Dol Amroth has advanced cautiously towards Pelargir but his forces are too few to face the Southrons alone.

In Rohan, with Theoden having ridden to Minas Tirith Saruman has besieged Helm’s Deep and prepares to muster his own forces for the final blow.

All lies in the balance and all Hope Turns to the Fellowship of the Ring at Lothlorien.  Can Frodo’s injuries be healed enough before the final part of the journey?

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