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Painting update: Drizzt and Guenhwyvar   Leave a comment

Painted with Contrast paints: Blue cloak to add a bit of Fantasy and because I have so many green and brown rangers now.

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Oathmark Fantasy Battles   Leave a comment

Dwarves versus Orcs and Goblins in the foothills of the Misty Mountain.

First attempt with Oathmark rules- to learn. No characters for first few turns at least just to learn the mechanics. No artillery or spellcasting to begin with. Without leaders troops can be quite brittle if shot at and taking casualties but following the recommendation in the book it is a good way to learn movement and activation and basic combat.

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Painting update: Late Roman Archers   Leave a comment

28mm Late Roman Archers by Wargames Foundry. Painted using Citadel Contrast paints.

First wraithbone GW primer applied on painting stick. Then added to 60mm x 20mm bases. Next the basing material (GW scatter sand mix) applied to bases and painted coffee bean brown stained black and highlighted with off white. Important to paint the bases first when using contast paints if you can as otherwise the paint rubs off even after varnishing whilst you hold the head to paint the base.

Begin with Gulliman flesh to the face and hands. Contrast white grey to the tunics and arrows. Wildwood dark brown to the trousers, snakebite leather to the leather belts and quivers. Some skeleton to the hair plus browns and black to hair. Black to helmets and shoes and axes. White highlights to the tunics. Then apply red or purple to the Late Roman applied patches. Finally make any corrections. Grass flock to bases and some grass tufts.

I painted one group of 12 with purple patches and the second with red. That way they can be one unit of 24 or two groups of 12 or back rank archers for mixed spear/ archer units. Also it breaks up the monotony a bit!

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