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Rangers of Shadow Deep – The Dread Swamp   Leave a comment

Gwalchmai and Link have descended the steps with their companions only to find themselves literally in deep water. Forced to swim they head towards relatively drier but still flooded land. A ruined village inhabited by dreaded swamp zombies lies ahead. Bat swarms follow from behind so there is no choice but to push on.

Dark vapours rise from the swamp. The rangers cover their faces with scarves to resist but the warhound takes damage. Gwalchmai slips and weighed down by his light armour struggles in the deep water for the first two turns taking damage as result. Link, being a strong swimmer forges ahead with the others. Dark Tom releases a fireball to clear the way and follows behind.

Link and the Warhound strugle against a zombie whilst Tom gets out of the deep water into the shallows only to be beset by another. Recruit Bobby and Man at Arms Birdo head to the right but Birdo gets entangled in vines in the deep and with his heavy armour and shield is trapped and struggling badly. Finally Gwalchmai catches his breath and with his head above water is able to Teleport onto the dry land of rocks ahead. Recruit pushes forward and finds the Bone Blade!

Dark Tom is badly wounded but just survives thanks to his staff. Steel Blaze the Swordsman rushes to his aid but once again is knocked out. Just then a Group of Lizardmen appear. Two archers and a warrior! The archers are clearly deadly shots and with their movement impeded by the flood the heroes struggle to close the distance. Gwalchmai finds and deciphers some arcane runes, learning a new spell for the heroes to choose in a future scenario. Heavy rain falls and offers some respite reducing visibility and the effectiveness of ranged shots.

Gwalchmai weakens the warrior who is then defeated by Link but Link takes heavy damage once again from archery, dodging the first he is felled by the next. Wielding the Bone Blade, Bobby the Recruit sets about the last of the zombies and tackles the first archer whilst Tom finds some useful flowers. Gwalchmai makes little headway with archery but with Bobby and Tom’s aid is eventually able to clear the last of the archers in melee. Our heroes head towards the exit as more zombies appear to block their way and Bats follow rapidly from behind.

Each Zombie is felled by the mighty Recruit and the Bone Blade and they make it off the edge in the final turn!

Our heroes amassed another 50xp in this very difficult scenario and all recover fully, except Dark tom who caught a nasty disease in his prolonged fight against a swamp zombie. The Lizardmen archers proved especially deadly foes.

Next they head towards a ruined farm-temple complex and find some allies sorely in need of rescue. Dark Tom prepares a Burning Rune in readiness using the new spell they have learnt.

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Saturday 14th of November: Battlestar Galactica   Leave a comment

Phil, Alex, Two Mikes, Darryl and Bruce played Galactica- Pegasus.

Phil’s Admiral made some good jumps and even a forced blind jump when they were beset by enemies. Baltar (Mike) scanned Boomer (Alex) after the sleeper phase. Darryl’s starbuck turned out to be a sympathetic cylon because they were low on fuel. Declaring Boomer who was in the Brig as human lead now to some suspicion and uncertainty. This was because between them they had six loyalty cards!

Determined to get out of the Brig, Boomer called a vote despite failing to garner support but lost even though only he and Bruce’s President voted (everyone else abstained). With 3 bad cards one of them was very suspicious now!

Admiral Cain was determined to Brig and airlock the President but people were still unsure. No time to scout as they jumped again to a barren planet: they were low on fuel. Where did it all go because they had not used much to jump at all? Now the President forced the loss of 4 food rather than lose cards. Admiral’s Quarters though were damaged. Scar appeared!

Baltar (Mike) fixes the Quarters so the engineer could use it. However instead our engineer (Michael) uses communications instead and tells the human civilian population ships to move closer to Scar! Next it is President Bruce who realises the game is up and declares as a Cylon. Finally Scar attacks the civilians and strikes a lucky blowing up a Fuel supply ship! The humans are out of fuel and lose the game.

Well done Michael and Bruce (and Scar).

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Rangers of Shadowdeep- Mountain Pass   Leave a comment

Our Heroes Link (Robert) and Gwalchmai (Phil) have been tasked with scouting out the Shadow deep. Having lit the beacon fire they have now crossed by a secret mountain pass and must descend the steep and treacherous path to reach the road below.

To each side of the treacherous path dark cave entrances lead to the homes of evil flying giant bats. To one side of the path an abandoned camp site might be worth investigating. Our heroes must reach the end of the path with their companions intact. Each turn there is a chance more bats will come out of the caves.

Heroes moving off the path or moving quickly risk falling unless they are good at climbing.

Gwalchmai quickly fires teleports down the mountain side whilst Link climbs to the side. Link plans to seal off the first cave hole and Gwalchmai seeks to investigate the camp site. Meanwhile the companions move slowly down the path.

Link soon takes out the bats on his side of the path whilst Gwalchmai uses archery to clear his side and move back onto the path having grabbed a backpack from the camp site. It would later turn out to contain valuable gems.

Gwalchmai moves the companions down the path but Link is set on making the path secure for future Rangers. Leaping from stone to stone he rushes over to each cave hole and seals it. He despatches any intercepting bats with mighty blows of his 2 handed sword.

Dark Tom assists with a fireball and rushes down hill accompanied by Steel Blaze. He joined the group after the last mission in the dark tower. He had been controlled by the dark powers having been captured and trained as a cultist with dark magical powers. Rescued and healed back in the Kingdom he has broken free of the evil influence of his former gaolers but retains his magical powers.

However Bobby the Recruit is caught in the open by two giant bats and falls over defeated.

Our heroes rush back to grab Bobby and defeat the bats. With the final hole sealed Link and Birdo come rushing down the path and take out the bats whilst Gwalchmai and the others pick up Bobby and move down the path once more.

As they leave Gwalchmai takes the opportunity to successfully draw the pass into his mapbook which will prove useful to future rangers.

Thanks to defeating many bats and closing all the cave holes our heroes amassed some good xp and some companions became stronger. Fortunately Bobby was only dazed and has come back even better and ready for the fight.

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