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Rangers of shadow deep   Leave a comment

Scenario two mission one. Gwalchmai and Link set out in pursuit of the mysterious tracks. They come across a spider infested forest…

Man at arms and the Recruit head out to the left skirting the briar patch. Gwalchmai presses forward and rescues a survivor. Swordsman is diseased and link advises he stay back to defend the bridge and protect the survivor. Panther keeps up with gwalchmai whilst Link heads to the right.

A zombie appears and crosses the bridge but Swordsman fends it off. A spider nest is spotted in a nearby tree as a spider crawls out and sets upon the swordsman. Man at arms presses forward to burn the trees at the far end whilst gwalchmai draws them forwards towards him and Panther. Panther is poisoned but the spiders are defeated.

The recruit heads back to burn the new nest by the bridge. Swordsman is once again set upon by zombies and he and dog defend the villager. Panther returns to aid them whilst gwalchmai presses on alone. All this time link has been fighting off spiders and zombies alone to the right .

Gwalchmai teleports passed the spider guarding the final tree and Link rushes forward to engage and distract it whilst his fellow ranger sets it alight.

However to the rear swordsman and dog are defeated by the zombie and the survivor appears in peril until the brave Recruit rushes on to dispatch it . The heroes gather once more at the bridge to regroup whilst an enraged Link rushes to his dog’s side. Fortunately both are alive but badly wounded.

Our heroes return to the Kings castle and return the magic sword. No rest though they find as orders swiftly find them and once more they must set out together .

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Painting update Gandalf the Grey Foot and Mounted plus Legolas.   Leave a comment

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Rangers of Shadowdeep   Leave a comment

The Adventures of Link and Gwalchmai begin with the earily quiet abandoned village.

A Ranger had been sent to investigate but never returned so our two heroes and their companions are sent to investigate.

Our heroes inspect the ruined Church and the village- what has gone on here?

The heroes rushed towards the clue tokens whilst the companions attempted to deal with rapidly arriving Zombies and Giant Rats.

Gwalchmai found a healing potion and raced towards two clue tokens, one locked in a house, whilst his loyal Panther held off the foes.

Link also attacked the Giant Bats and Zombies supported by his Warhound and Recruit. His man at arms attempted to hold off the Zombies arriving from the rear. He took heavy hits and then when he investigated a clue token he was ambushed by another zombie and reduced down to 1 hit point. The rescued survivor rushed to help him but was dispatched and Gwalchmai’s swordsman soon suffered a similar fate. Eventually Man at Arms was able to defeat the Zombie with help from the returning Panther, Warhound and Recruit.

Having solved all the clues, finding a magic sword and narrowly avoiding a collapsing building our two heroes headed back to the group, using their bows to dispatch any pursuing rats.

They eventually held off the horde for the required time having found all the clues but had failed to solve the riddle of the bite marks or tracks. Claiming victory they each received 77 xp but Swordsman had an infected wound and nasty fever from his wounds received in the fight with the ambushing zombie.

On next to the Spiders…


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Painting update ; forge world weather top   Leave a comment

The ruined tower of Amon Sul by forge world. Had this a while and been waiting for a chance to paint it.

I found zorpazorp’s video guide on painting walls and forge world weather top quite helpful. Though for some reason he stops after the initial painting steps and before applying the wash in his live videos.

Type Zorpazorp and search youtube to find his channel.

Any way once I painted it and applied washes as instructed I then varnished it. I am not really sure I want to flock it as the flock might distract from it and of course ties it down to a grass effect. Here it can be used in any terrain from green grass to even desert or blasted wasteland. Also in the film it is indeed very grey to give that night effect and muted in the famous scene. So I have left it for the moment as it is. Maybe I will get round one day to making a hill with steps to put it on and decorate that piece.

Looking forward to using it someday, being quite excited by the announcement of a specific journey of the fellowship source book.

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