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Saga Dark Age Skirmish:  The Battle for Ecclesia 486 AD

Saga Dark Age Skirmish: The Scenario

After Action Report with images from the battle.

The Village of Ecclesia


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A Scenario for Flashing Steel; Song of Blades and Heroes

It is Spring 1642, Civil War is brewing and the talk in London is all about rebellion and murder. The Queen plans to retreat to France and thence to the Hague to raise funds. Aware of her plots the rebellious parliamentarians have instructed the Earl of Stilton to capture her and hold her at a hunting lodge outside London. He has therefore slain her escort and is holding her captive awaiting further instructions.

A group Cavaliers carousing at a nearby Inn have received this shocking news. True Nobles and Gentleman all (well we don’t count Sir Richard’s servant Plank) they have ridden hard to her rescue. For the King! The Queen! They must rescue her and escort her safely to the Coast where her ship awaits!

The Campaign is based on that found in the Flashing Steel campaign book.

Mike played as the dashing Cavaliers. Despite having all their horses shot out from under them charging over the bridge our heroes won the day and escorted the Queen to safety.

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Sun of York
First St. Albans
Lancastrian Victory. A lengthy battle with both Lancastrian and one Yorkist leader injured. Margaret never turned up. The Yorkists struggled to find orders cards. All leaders survived and King Henry was happy.

Blore Heath
Yorkist victory. The Lancastrians struggled to get their troops onto the field of battle across a narrow bidge. The player forgot to play the Dudley card as a leader after drawing it. Going all out for victory in the centre he gambled on a quick victory. However battle field confusion, fatigue, the death of his single leader and then “a Warwick” put paid to that. The lack of orders cards and the requirement of two orders to bring troops into play wore the Lancastrians down. With just six cards in their draw pile remaining the Yorkists captured both left and right battles thus claiming victory. All leaders survived and Henry remained happy.

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