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Saturday 16th May: Lord of the Rings LCG: Journey Along the Anduin   Leave a comment

A Two Handed Solo game using the all new Decks:  Thalin’s Company and Elrond with Vilya the Ring of Air.  These two decks did seem to work well together with the doughty dwarves creating a good party of fellows and Elrond and Glorfindel proving mighty powerful themselves.  Success with an Old Score of 60.

Have also created another deck for a better three player game with Legolas and then two more decks for a fourth player:  one themed on Aragorn, Gondor and Rohan and  a second around Creatures (Eagles) led by Beorn with support from Imrahil and Brand son of Bain.

Finally, created a LoTR LCG page with the scores from my games.  Obviously not included the multiple defeats!

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Saturday 9th May: Lord of the Rings: Living Card Game: Khazad Dum   Leave a comment

Mike, Phil and Darryl took on the Seventh Level.  Phil had made some thematic mono-sphere Dwarf decks as Darryl and Mike had not played many games before (Darryl just once and Mike never).   Needless to say the Seventh Level was very tough for these rather weak decks.  The players did actually get to the final stage but when Phil’s support/ quest deck hit 50 Threat it was all over for the Heroes.

Clearly better decks were needed.  So our players have hit the boards and internet sites and created much better decks with some astute purchases.

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Saturday 2nd May: Star Wars   Leave a comment

Star Wars Imperial Assault.

We continued our campaign with our heroes being tempted onto the Luxury Cruise side mission.  Who could resist a Luxury Cruise?  They decided to leave Chewbacca at home again.

Phil played the Imperials and upgraded the Elite Stormtroopers with his new Combat Veteran Card.  The Heroes with Mike’s Gharkan killed a few but Phil re-deployed and they dealt a lot of damage wounding the Wookie.  Darryl’s Scout took a nasty hit from the Interrogation Protocol Droid (single use card) that left him stunned and weakened.  In this state he was easy prey for more Droids and Basic Stormtroopers.  The Players took out two Consoles before the Royal Guard arrived in force (Elites and Standards) who finished off Mike’s Gharkan and Bruce’s Soldier in short order.

This was a nasty scenario for the players who suffered against the upgraded and re-inforced Elite Stormtroopers especially.  Despite being able to do a lot of damage they were vulnerable to sheer numbers.

So far we have 4 Rebel and 3 Imperial Victories.  Close.

Read the Campaign Page Here

Star Wars the LCG by FFG.

Darryl introduced us to this new game.  Bruce played a Rancor so no one did much to start with and we did not get very far.  However we did learn the rules for next time.

Updated the Painting Backlog (Lead Mountain) page

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