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Battlestar Galactica

Andy, Mike, Phil, Bruce and Darryl played original Battlestar. In the first round mike was a cylon but kept this quiet. Phil got to confirm the Admiral was human. The fleet jumped and all was quiet and morale was high as Phil the President gave rousing speeches.

Every thing changed after the sleeper phase. As soon as he could Phil used balthar’s cylon detector on andy’s boomer discovering their cylon nature. as president phil thought he could then brig boomer before she could react but mike cunningly used his power to declare martial law and tranferred the presidency to admiral bruce.

Next, though Phil was able to convince bruce to brig boomer on their next go andy was able to persuade the others to release boomer! Soon the Fleet was surrounded by hostiles. Phil knew that both Andy and Mike were cylons but the other players remained unconvinced. Phil tried to brig Mike and he returned the favour, both were unsuccesful.

As the fleet neared the end of their journey, morale, food and especially fuel were falling rapidly, all being in the red. Phil was able to brig Mike just in time. Then Andy saw his opportunity as a nasty crisis card turned up he used boomer’s power to force a fail crashing the morale to two. Both cylons were in the brig now so each transferred to the resurection ship. However the three remaining humans were able to keep the fleet moving rapidly towards Kobol. With just two morale and three fuel they made the final jump! With ten population the surviving fleet was in a good condition. Victory for the humans.

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An introduction to this interesting game. Mike and Phil tried out the Russians whilst James tried out the French. The French got literally bogged down around the marshes and their invasion stalled. they then crossed the river to attack the town bordering the marsh but were badly let down by their perfidious Austrian allies who failed to cross and left them stranded on the hostile bank facing constant attack from relentless hordes of desperate Russians. Though they defeated these attacks they eventually lost due to gradual attrition of their isolated force.

For Napoleon meanwhile all this activity in the marsh to the South deprived him of crucial cards he needed to pursue his invasion. He was also unwilling to attack Kutuzov in his fortified position. Kutuzov having arrived rather earlier than expected due to a rules error. Then when he finally tried to advance passed the wily Russian he was attacked and cut off from his supporting corps and routed!

Victory therefore for the Russians but this was just an introductory game. Next time James will be more prepared with new aggressive tactics bent on invasion towards Moscow!

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Ambush at the Crossroads

Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game.  Khazad dum Sourcebook.

Durburz and the Goblin Horde ambushed Balin and his expeditionaries as they explored the lost mines.

Phil played as Durburz and Andy and Mike as Balin and the Dwarven Captain.  The Troll slew the Captain but was in turn killed by Balin.  Durburz survived long enough for the Dwarves to be reduced to 25% and thus claimed victory.

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