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Saturday 29th March: Samurai Battles   1 comment

Mike, Darryl and Phil played the First Skirmish scenario twice.
Early in the first game Phil triumphed through play of Turncoats.
In the second he had the card played against him but managed to kill the traitors. The card does seem very powerful as it was. played against a red unit each time. Phil then managed to retain the lead obtained through assasinating the enemy general in the first turn and claim. victory.














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Saturday 22 March; Battlestar Galactica   Leave a comment

Day break expansion with Phil, Darryl, James and Mike.

Phil had the mutineer which proved a challenge. He Hoshi set up the rebellion on demetrius and searched for a mission that would guide them to earth. Mike had the lawyer President who sadly lost his voice and could not raise morale. James had Helo the pilot and got shot down by Scar! Darryl had Admiral Adama and had everyone fooled.

For the first phase everyone was human and they travelled far without a scratch. However when Mike made Phil the mission specialist Darryl revealed his cylon nature and with a nasty super crisis card joined the basestar attacking Pegasus. Phil then seemed to be forever in sickbay or Brig having left his safe ship to fix the FTL. With all the resources falling rapidly things were looking bleak. However with some skillful and lucky play the humans held off defeat and used the FTL losing 3 population. Sothey were on their last jump to earth thanks to the demetrius mission cardkk adding one and a good deal of scouting and mission specialist bonus.

With the resources now all in red and fuel dangerously low James pulled out a card that gave the humans some quick fee actions on his turn. Then With no cylons on the map Darrlyl was powerless to attack on his go. So President Mike was able to activate the repaired FTL and jump the fleet to earth! Well done humans.

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Mirkwood Elves. Dark tone.   Leave a comment


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Saturday 15th March: Battlelore Second Edition   Leave a comment

Our first game at new Battlelore Second edition which lends it self nicely to miniatures play using my LoTR figures!

Mike, Darryl (Red) and Phil (Blue) played two games to learn the rules and the differences between the First and Second editions.

In the first game the Blue Team gained an advantage when the Roc arrived on the left flank.  The imposing Chaos Lord held the centre ground for the Red Team but a lucky cavalry charge on the left flank wiped out the Red cavalry thus securing those two vital VP markers.  The Roc being able to attack and then move proved very helpful on that flank.

The Red team tried again and set up slightly differently declining the Blue right flank completely.  This time they denied the Blue Team their extra VP for the centre ground.  However they proved unable to take and hold those two left VP markers and when the Roc and the Cavalry counter-attacked they lost control of the markers.  A Red attack in the centre by the obscenes petered out because they proved vulnerable to the blue cavalry (no counter) who luckily had two Cavalry charge cards.  The Chaos Lord was too slow to get into the action and the Blue Team just managed two reach 16VP first despite losing the Roc to the poisoned arrows of the Viper Legion.

This is certainly a different game to Battlelore.  The retreats directly away from attacks and the support and counter rules all make a big difference.  Trying to support units and avoid being pushed back onto impassable terrain is very challenging if not impossible with so much unpredictable movement.  On the whole I enjoyed it but I think it will take more time to learn, especially when using the Red Team .  Their movement being slower and with less defensive options makes them vulnerable, especially to the Blue Cavalry with their Vigilant (no counter) ability.  However when they attack they are more deadly and if the Chaos Lord can be brought into battle then they are stronger.

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Thursday 13th March: Battlelore 1st Edition (Vassal)   Leave a comment

Played Mike at Battlelore over Vassal and Skype.  Battle of Lewes.

Was winning until I played a Battlelore card and rolled mainly flags and swords (few activations).  Mike played a counterattack and showed me how a real Battlelore card is played.

Soon at 5-5 searching for that final kill.  Had no right flank activations!  Then my archers foolishly drove back Mike’s footmen far enough back where they could then trap my encircling knights who had thought they were safe and with two flags and a red claim victory!  Well fought Mike. 

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Wednesday: Painting Mirkwood Elves   Leave a comment

More progress at last!



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Saturday 8th March Firefly   Leave a comment

Return to Firefly with Darryl, Mike, Phil and Andy.
Crown Jewels fakery this week.
Tough scenario. Lots of crazy twists. Darryl might have won if he had listened to his sage advice to keep cargo handy. But he did not alowing Phil to seduce away his disgruntled Kaylee and River. This allowed Phil to travel to Londonium narrowly escaping the reevers and complete the second goal. As leading player at midnight he claimed a slight victory thanks to the generosity of the players early on.

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Saturday 1st March: Ravenloft and Cards   Leave a comment

Castle Ravenloft whereby we lost. Also Rat a tat cat and a Tide game which James won. Fun evening

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