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Saturday 26 Feb 2022; Marvel Champions   Leave a comment

Phil, Bruce and Darryl tried to beat red skull. First was crossbones then absorbing man in a campaign.

Each time we beat the first version easily with no threat anywhere. Then each time all of a sudden before we can react the next version completely overwhelms us with side schemes, threat tokens, damage and minions. Ending up drawing 4 bad cards a turn it was soon over with another 2 defeats.

What are we doing wrong?

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Painting update Knights of Dale and Elrond and Lindir   2 comments

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Sunday 13 February To the Strongest Fantasy   Leave a comment

Link played as the elves against my evil orcs and goblins led by the Khandish King in his war chariot.

Turn one. As expected the goblins failed to move at all or even fire their bolt thrower. The elf centre rained down arrows against the advancing horde whilst the cavalry moved forward on each flank.
Giant Gundabad Trolls advance towards the rough ground.
The elves have taken out both Trolls through deadly archery and then finished them off by a swooping eagle attack. On the elf right flank their knights were charged in the flank by the fleet wargs. Fleet seems far too powerful perhaps. They have also driven back the Khandish king again through archery. On the far left the elven knights have driven back the warg skirmishes and smashed through the the goblin warriors . The eagle has advanced to shield the wood elves whilst they attempt to rally.
The goblin sorcerer has cast a protective spell on the artillery and driven onwards by the drums the goblin deep warriors advance unde withering bow fire. Somehow they rally !
The elven Knights smash through the goblin warg riders driving them back but the spider outflanks them with it’s poison fangs. Meanwhile the fleet eagle has turned the flank of the goblin bowmen and destroys both units!
The orcs finally advance in the right and centre but time is running out.
The goblins and orcs charge but elves and eagles hold.
The aftermath. As the goblins scatter and the eagles strike at their flanks panic sets in amongst the evil horde. Victory to the elves and Link.

Enjoyed the game. The high elf army list is super powerful especially with Longbows, elven eye and fleet eagles. They also had two powerful wizards.

To the Strongest always gives a good game with lots of twists and turns. To the Stronghold the fantasy variant can be found online.

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Saturday 12 Feb Merchant of Venus   Leave a comment

We played Michael’s Merchant of Venus. We started at the half way point. Mike won by being the most famous whilst Phil and Darryl struggled to get their level 6 shields to work. Michael was infamous.

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Preparing for To the Strongest Fantasy- To the Stronghold   1 comment

These rules are the fantasy variant for to the strongest. Included are suitable lists for orcs, elves and such like which I have used to create two Lord of the Rings themed armies.

The mighty High Elven Lord has gathered his forces supported by two mighty wizards. Facing across the plain are the forces from Mordor led by the Khandish King, a mighty horde of orcs and goblins with two dark shamans.

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Saturday 5 February   Leave a comment

Solomon Kane

We played my new old Solomon Kane game for the first time as a group. Rattle of Bones with a victory!

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