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Sunday 24 September Pathfinder Adventures Card Game   Leave a comment

Finally finished my rune-lords story arc on my second play through this time playing with the monk, sorcerer, warrior and Druid. Was better planned this time round!

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Saturday 23 September Pandemic Legacy again.   Leave a comment

Phil, Mike, Alex, DARRYL and Bruce gathered to try again. February Two turned out well enough with a nice win bonus ready for March. However the introduction of the shiny new operations role with the ability to do something new really meant the players had to hose him and drop one of the old faithful roles instead. After two tries with this guy, the medic, scientist and other new person our heroes racked up two losses :(. To be fair they were one action away from victory on DARRYL’s turn but too many blue cubes arising out of epidemics in Europe before his next turn meant it was all over. Close but not a victory. What surprises await in April.

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Saturday 9 September: doctor who and mashup   Leave a comment

Lots of fun playing Darryl s doctor who game which Phil somehow managed to win pipping Mike to the post on the last card played! Then Mike introduced us to mashup which Darryl’s undead team won . Phil s dinosaur and ninja combo really did not work which is kind of obvious when you think about it . Alex played robots which were really cool and Mike had fun as the gnome team .

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Saturday 16 September : Pandemic legacy and 6 nimmt   Leave a comment

Bruce hosted his excellent new pandemic legacy game . Mike Phil Alex Darryl and Bruce played this four player game. First round went reasonably well. Bruce’s researcher fed Phil a scientist lots of useful cards such that Norwegian blue was rapidly cured and eradicated. Mike medic and Alex generalist kept everything under control.

However obviously trying to avoid spoilers second round not so easy as the researcher was dropped and the team chose a base which they then lost . So a loss .

Next time someone else will take the upgraded scientist so hopefully victory will follow . Spookily the medic in the game shares the same birthday with the medic in our group !

The legacy game is great with lots of stickers and secret boxes and scratch cards which increase the difficulty and unveil the story as the campaign progresses. Makes me really impatient for gloomhaven which has got stuck in production and shipping but should arrive soon .

We then played 6 nimmt which Mike won of course but actually it was quite close with second player just three points behind then Darryl and Bruce had mega scores.

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Saturday 2nd September: monolith Conan and Temple of Elemental Evil.   Leave a comment



An Evening of Dark Fortresses and Perilous Dungeons:

Mike, Phil, Alex, Darryl and Bruce.


First up was Conan.  The Cursed Shape Shifting Sorcerer Scenario for 5.  Phil as Overlord.  This was a tricky one for the Heroes but the time pressure is on the Overlord which is a nice twist.  7 turns to break the Curse by sacrificing 3 pirates on 3 altars.

Next up:  The Temple of Elemental Evil.  Everyone plays.  An odd scenario as it turned out.  Everyone took lots of hits at the beginning exhausting the Cleric’s Healing and themselves.   In the middle, no Monsters at all but Bruce got his Ranger killed by failing to disarm a Trap.  Then as the roof was about to fall in and knock out Phil and Mike plus Alex, Alex was able to deliver the killing blow on the Ettin for the heroes to win a partial Victory (one surge used).  Also odd was that we only drew gold coins as the treasure cards ended up clustered at the bottom of the treasure deck just out of reach.   Onwards as we get closer to the final showdown before the next expansion arrives hopefully!




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