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To the Death

GW LoTR SBG Scenario

These events take place in the third age, before the time of the Fellowship.

Suladan the Serpent Lord is attempting to reinforce the forces of Sauron assaulting Osgiliath.  He is accompanied by an Hasharin sent from Karna to make certain his behaviour is as expected and worthy of the Dark Lord.  He has marched East of Mordor and through South Rhun bringing with him a powerful force from Far Harad including a War Mumak which he hopes to use in the assault as it will be able to carry forces across the river directly into battle.  By avoiding Ithilien and the more usual route west of Mordor he has avoided the ambushes and patrols of the Rangers hoping to gain an element of surprise.  With him travels the Mahud King K’Kala.  His aim is to gain riches,  power and fame amongst the tribesmen and the agents of Sauron have promised all this to him should he prove his worth in battle against the hated Gondorians and eclipse the glory of Suladan himself.



However the Scouts of Rohan patrol these lands East of the Anduin.   As the Haradrim approach the Dead Marshes they encounter the forces of the Eastmark led by Eomer and his sister Eowyn with the Standard of Rohan unfurled as befits their Royal Status.  They are supported by Boromir and his Knights whom they have alerted to the threat to the defence of Osgiliath. Boromir and Eomer each seek to outdo each other in any contest such is the rivalry between these two proud Men.

As the warbands approach and the Men of the West see a Mighty Mumakil for the first time the cry goes out from their respective commanders “To the Death”.

The scenario is based on the first scenario in the new sourcebooks.  Each side consists of 1000 points which should be roughly split between the two commanders on each side.  Using the First Among Equals rule victory will be awarded to the player with the most VP on the winning side.

The Dead Marshes

Any living model not on a Mumakil or Fell Beast (Monsters are immune) who ends his turn in the dead marshes risks becoming enthralled by the ghostly figures lost within.  These


warriors from a long lost battle will distract and lure them to their doom.  Roll a d6 at the start of each move phase.  On a 1 that model must move towards the centre of the marsh.  Once in the centre roll a Will check against 1 d6 to resist being lured to fall into the marsh.  On a success the model can move freely thereafter (having broken the Spell) but on a fail the model takes 1 wound as it begins to drown having fallen into the deathly waters of the Dead Marshes.

The Outcome can be read here or continue reading to view the forces used.


1000 Pts – The Serpent Horde Roster – Serpent Lord Far Harad Warband

Hero (5#, 175 pts)

1 Suladan, 100 pts (Inpiring Presence; Poisoned Arrows; Hand Weapon; Armour)

1 Horse

3 Serpent Rider, 39 pts (Poisoned Blades; Hand Weapon; War Spear; Armour)

3 Horse

1 (Haradrim Raider), 36 pts (Poisoned Arrows; Hand Weapon; Armour; Banner)

1 Horse

Hasharin (3#, 110 pts)

1 Hasharin, 90 pts (Preternatural Agility; Stalk Unseen; The Bane of Kings; Poisoned Blades; Blowpipe; Throwing Weapons)

2 Watcher of Karna, 20 pts (Poisoned Arrows; Resistance to Magic; Steely Nerve; Hand Weapon; Hand Weapon; Bow)

Minor Hero (5#, 165 pts)

1 Mahud King [fhara], 75 pts (Warrior Pride; Hand Weapon; Armour)

2 Half Troll of Far Harad [fhara], 44 pts (Warrior Pride; Hand Weapon)

2 Half Troll of Far Harad [fhara], 46 pts (Warrior Pride; Hand Weapon; Two-Handed Weapon)

Minor Hero (4#, 136 pts)

1 Mahud King [fhara], 75 pts (Warrior Pride; Hand Weapon; Armour)

1 Mahud Raider [fhara], 21 pts (Warrior Pride; Hand Weapon; War Spear; Armour; Shield)

1 Camel [fhara] (Impaler)

2 Mahud Raider [fhara], 40 pts (Warrior Pride; Hand Weapon; Armour; Shield)

2 Camel [fhara] (Impaler)

Mumak (13#, 412 pts)

1 Mumak of Harad, 300 pts (Awesome Presence; Fearless!; The Crew)

1 Mahud Beastmaster Chieftain (Master of the Mumak; Hand Weapon; Armour)

1 Howdah

4 Mahud Warrior [fhara], 48 pts (Warrior Pride; Hand Weapon; Poisoned Blowpipe; Armour; Shield)

2 Mahud Warrior [fhara], 22 pts (Warrior Pride; Hand Weapon; Armour; Shield)

3 Haradrim Warrior, 18 pts (Poisoned Arrows; Hand Weapon; Bow; Armour)

2 Mahud Warrior [fhara], 24 pts (Warrior Pride; Hand Weapon; Spear; Armour; Shield)

Validation Report:

Regular: Tournament

You cannot have more than 1/3 of your warrior models armed with missile weapons. This applies to each contingent individually. The Grey company is the exception to the rule.  The forces of Harad can have 1/2.

Composition Report:

Heroes: 2 (0 – 0)

Minor Heroes: 4 (0 – 0)

Warriors: 11 (0 – 0)

War Machines: 0 (0 – 0)

Total Roster Cost: 998


1000 Pts – Theoden’s Host Roster – Warriors of the Eastmark

Hero (7#, 116 pts)

1 Hama, 50 pts (Bodyguard; Expert Rider; Hand Weapon; Heavy Armour)

3 Rohan Royal Guard, 30 pts (Bodyguard; Expert Rider; Hand Weapon; Shield; Heavy Armour)

3 Rohan Royal Guard, 36 pts (Bodyguard; Expert Rider; Hand Weapon; Throwing Weapons; Shield; Heavy Armour)

Hero (7#, 167 pts)

1 Eomer, 85 pts (Expert Rider; Hand Weapon; Heavy Armour)

1 Horse

2 Rider of Rohan, 26 pts (Expert Rider; Hand Weapon; Bow; Armour; Shield)

2 Horse

2 Rider of Rohan, 30 pts (Expert Rider; Hand Weapon; Throwing Weapons; Armour; Shield)

2 Horse

2 Rider of Rohan, 26 pts (Expert Rider; Hand Weapon; Armour; Shield)

2 Horse

Hero (9#, 140 pts)

1 Eowyn, 35 pts (Expert Rider; Hand Weapon; Armour)

3 Warrior of Rohan, 27 pts (Hand Weapon; Throwing Weapons; Armour; Shield)

3 Warrior of Rohan, 21 pts (Hand Weapon; Bow; Armour)

1 Warrior of Rohan, 26 pts (Hand Weapon; Armour; Horn)

1 Warrior of Rohan, 31 pts (Hand Weapon; Armour; Banner)

Hero (4#, 160 pts)

1 Gamling, 110 pts (Expert Rider; Rohan Royal Standard; Hand Weapon; Heavy Armour)

1 Horse

2 Rohan Royal Guard, 32 pts (Bodyguard; Expert Rider; Hand Weapon; Shield; Heavy Armour)

2 Horse

1 Rohan Royal Guard, 18 pts (Bodyguard; Expert Rider; Hand Weapon; Throwing Weapons; Shield; Heavy Armour)

1 Horse

Hero (7#, 293 pts)

1 Boromir – Captain of the White Tower [ectht], 190 pts (Horn of Gondor; Hand Weapon; Shield; Heavy Armour)

1 Horse [ectht]

1 Knights of Minas Tirith [ectht], 38 pts (Hand Weapon; Heavy Armour; Banner)

1 Horse [ectht]

5 Knights of Minas Tirith [ectht], 65 pts (Hand Weapon; Lance; Heavy Armour)

5 Horse [ectht]

Minor Hero (8#, 120 pts)

1 Captain of Minas Tirith [ectht], 50 pts (Hand Weapon; Heavy Armour)

3 Citadel Guard [ectht], 30 pts (Bodyguard; Hand Weapon; Longbow; Heavy Armour)

4 Guard of Fountain Court [ectht], 40 pts (Bodyguard; Spear; Heavy Armour)

Validation Report:

Regular: Tournament

Roster satisfies all enforced validation rules

Composition Report:

Heroes: 5 (0 – 0)

Minor Heroes: 1 (0 – 0)

Warriors: 15 (0 – 0)

War Machines: 0 (0 – 0)

Total Roster Cost: 996

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