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Saturday 21st-Boardgame Arena games night   Leave a comment

Phil, Alex, Mike, Hannah, Michael and Darryl played some games on boardgame arena and linked up via Skype.

Worked well, we started with Solo (or Uno).  Then we moved onto 6 Nimmt.  Finally Love Letter.  That last one took a little longer so we finished with that.  Mike took an early lead but Alex soon caught up and took the final victory.



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Painting Guide and Update Iron Hills dwarven crossbowmen   Leave a comment

First the figures are assembledand attached to mountain bases.  Then sprayed black.  Bases painted grey and grey applied to rocks, brown to the earth.

Bolt Gun metal applied  to all the armour- they are mainly armour.  Rhinox hide applied to all leather, gloves and hair.  Lighter brown applied to the hair.  Apply Badack Black was all over figure and base.

2020-03-22 17.18.41

Next gold is added to the sword and helm.  The armour and bolts/ arbalest is highlighted with chainmail.  The base is highlighted with grey or brown-grey mix.

2020-03-22 20.41.15


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Painting update Grishnakh and Snaga   Leave a comment

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Painting update: Helm of Rohan   Leave a comment

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Saturday 14/03/20: Of Armies and Hordes plus Camel Up   Leave a comment

Phil umpired whilst Darryl and Bruce played the Dwarves against Alex and Mike as the Goblins.  The Dwarves planned on retaking the halls and entered via the sewers and secret passages to begin their attack.

The Dwarves had Artillery and a Chariot which proved very powerful.  The Goblins did not really have an answer.  Eventually though they sent in the Trolls who slew the Dwarven King which caused a collapse of the Dwarven morale.  Because they had been defending the baseline on my quite small battlefield forcing the goblins to advance under heavy artillery fire when they retreated one space they fled the table!  So even though it did not feel like it the Goblins won the day as the dwarves fell back to mourn their King whilst the sub-commander and his force formed a stalwart rear guard.


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Gandalf the Grey on Cart   Leave a comment

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Target for Today, Ticket to Ride Marklin and a card game   Leave a comment

Off to Bruce for Target for Today. Bruce had done some great research for a raid over Roumania. Phil and DARRYL got shot down over the target. Phil took only one hit from Flak but that was enough to shoot off his wing. Darryl caught fire.

Alex and Mike missed the target completely and made it back safely . DARRYL’s pilot and two of phil’s crew survived the crashes to be imprisoned .

Next was ticket to ride. A new old version with passengers . Good edition. Phil narrowly beat Bruce to claim victory by completing slightly better tickets. Mike led all the way through the game but neglected his passengers so only claimed third place with Alex just behind and DARRYL in last place as they both had unfinished tickets at the end.

Then Bruce won the first round of cards and Phil the second.

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Painting update Rohan outriders   Leave a comment

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Saturday 29/02/20: QMG and Libertalia   Leave a comment

Phil, Darryl and Alex played as the allies versus Bruce, and Two Mikes as the Axis.

Prelude caused the British to start in West Europe and Germans adjacent to Russia in East Europe.  Japan had the sea of Japan.  Over the game Italy and Germany held their own whilst Japan sailed triumphant unopposed in the Pacific.  Kamikaze pilots put paid to Pearl Harbour and USA moved west.

Eventually Russia and the allies wore Italy and Germany down and begun to take keys and force VP losses in Europe with bombing.  So by the late war they began to take an unassailable lead.

Next  Libertalia.  Phil took an early lead but made himself a target.  Bruce was close behind.  In the final turn Phil left himself exposed to a monkey shifting curses by playing his captain and Bruce did just that causing him to lose 18VP!  This left the way open for Darryl  to grab a victory!

So Darryl was the winner over both the games indeed!

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