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Preparing for Advanced Song of Blades and Heroes   2 comments

ASOBH is coming so have set out my terrain and created some Warbands.  Using the Set Editor mentioned on the SoBH yahoo group I have also created some Character Cards to go with the game, to be played using my Lord of the Rings Figures.

The Scenario:

An old mountain fortress sits upon a complex of caverns. Legend tells of an Ancient Lord who fell under the influence of Evil seeking immortality and was Cursed for his misdeeds. Within the holdfast are said to be paths to seems of rich ores and treasures unclaimed for centuries.  The Holdfast is said to be Haunted and no one has ever entered and escaped alive!

Now after all this time Dwarves have come to investigate the old mountain fortress. In fact two separate groups have come. The first is a Warband of proud Heavy Infantry following the orders of their King to seek out and explore the holdfast and ideally take control so that it can be claimed for the clan. The Second is a Company of Dwarven wanderers who are loyal to their Commander and are seeking the riches rumoured to lie within. Again if they could take control of the complex it would prove a useful base and resource for planned future expeditions.  Both groups are supported by Acolytes of the Dwarven gods inspired to drive away the foul Undead rumoured to be haunting the Holdfast and claim it for their folk.

A group of Goblins have also heard of the rich treasures and been sent or somehow driven to seek the mountain caverns for themselves.  Finally the complex is indeed Haunted by the once arrogant and vainglorious Human Lord who dwelt here in better times.  Driven to seek immortality through fear of ageing, death and his jealousy of the longer lives of Elves he became corrupted through carrying out living sacrifices and eventually lost his Soul.  Upon his death he was Cursed to Undeath and now with his Henchmen who joined him in his foul deeds in life he stalks the now dusty and silent Halls and Caverns of his Holdfast slaying the living beings he comes across.  His bitter hatred for Elves, Dwarves and Humans may lead him to tolerate the Goblins however whilst they serve his purposes at least.

This is a mini-campaign and four warbands are involved.  It can be played by two or four players.  The first scenario involves two straight forward battles between four 400 point warbands each in two pairs (either the Caverns or the Halls).  In the second scenario a means of connecting the two areas will become apparent.

IMG_6625 IMG_6592 IMG_6595 IMG_6593 IMG_6583 IMG_6585 IMG_6594 IMG_6584 IMG_6589 IMG_6614 IMG_6613 IMG_6586 IMG_6615 IMG_6603 IMG_6617 IMG_6602 IMG_6599 IMG_6619 IMG_6618 IMG_6616 IMG_6598 IMG_6587 IMG_6612 IMG_6608 IMG_6604 IMG_6605 IMG_6611 IMG_6607 IMG_6609 IMG_6610 IMG_6606 IMG_6600 IMG_6582 IMG_6620 IMG_6621 IMG_6624 IMG_6626 IMG_6623 IMG_6622 IMG_6596


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Saturday 20th February: Second Battle of Harondor; To the Strongest   2 comments

Our second battle in the Harondor campaign was fought with two large 200 point armies:  Gondor led by Bruce and Phil against Mordor and Harad led by Darryl and Mike respectively.

Bruce took charge of the Gondor Knights this time boosted by the presence of the Prince of Ithilien and his Royal Guard on the left flank.  Phil was in charge of the infantry boosted by the Pelargir Citadel Guard and some artillery.  Opposite: Mike was in charge of the Haradrim and Darryl the forces of Mordor boosted by some more Uruk Hai and artillery.

The battle began with Gondor advancing steadily, moving artillery onto the hill for a commanding view of the rough ground opposite and the infantry moved in to the buildings (ruined temple by the river).  The light infantry rangers placed out of command on the far right did march forwards but then spent most of the game failing to activate.

Mordor attacked by sending in the elephants against the bowmen and spearmen of Gondor.  The harad cavalry skirmished with the late knights but this time their armour saved the Knights from injury.

The Trolls (Elephants) took a lot of shots coming in but did manage to close with the enemy.  The deep spearmen suffered a double disorder and the loss of their commander but they did manage to heroically kill the Troll.  Another Troll faced a barrage of missile fire but was at last brought down by an artillery bolt from the hill.  The only hit the artillery scored all game but a crucial one.

The Gondor infantry successfully occupied the buildings as the facing Uruk Hai proved very reluctant to advance.  Then when ordered to charge and take the ground they consistently failed to activate with an ace card every time!  On the far left flank the Gondor Knights pushed back and destroyed the Harad cavalry.  However the Harad commander proved resilient and simply joined his light cavalry.  Mike then moved his redoubtable javelinmen over to that flank and held the Knights up even defending against flank attacks before driving a unit off the board in disorder.

On the Gondor far right the Rangers failed to move. Whilst in the centre with the Trolls now dealt with the Gondorians were able to rally their forces just in time before the Morgul Knights charged into contact.  Gondor held!  The citadel Guard advanced towards hitherto immovable Half Trolls.  The foolhardy Gondor infantry attempted to destroy the uruk Hai whom their archers had disordered but were soon sent scurrying back into the buildings in disorder.  The Uruk Hai still kept drawing aces though so could not rally and push their advantage.

The Morgul Knights easily pulled back to the safety of the ground behind the hill and planned their next move.  With the Knights pushing hard against the Haradrim to his right and his Uruk Hai stubbornly failing to advance on his left the Marshall of Umbar was in no hurry to attack the now rallied Gondor infantry in the centre.  So the forces of Harad and Mordor retreated whilst the camel riders and Harad light horse archers held the Knights back long enough.  Even the reluctant rangers had advanced in sight of the Uruk Hai but too late to have an effect.  So victory was awarded to the forces of Gondor especially the Knights led by Bruce and the Prince of Ithilien.

After the battle we felt the Trolls had once again caused a lot of trouble and delay for the Gondorian infantry, even killing their commander but had failed to make any great impact in terms of destroying units.  The Bowmen would probably be better deployed a box ahead of the shieldwall infantry to allow a retire and then swap places as opposed to being in the same box then stuck in front once the enemy close. Also Darryl felt the Harad cavalry wing with a lot of lights would be better deployed broken up and mixed with the infantry rather than attempting to face off against the superior Gondor Knights.  The artillery did not really have a huge impact as their fire can easily be drawn towards light units in rough going but they did kill a Troll and save a unit of bowmen which was quite impressive.  Artillery in a building (presumably placed on a tower or rooftop) would be even more useful as they can see over intervening troops more easily.   The Mordor bolt thrower did not even shoot as it was killed by archers as soon as it was deployed on the hill but it did draw fire away from the Morgul Knights so that was important.  Finally we could not work out what the defensive bonus for formed infantry in buildings was though it did not matter because the Uruk Hai never did manage to activate.  If they had then they probably would have captured the buildings.  Placing formed units out of command in a maze of rough ground is not a good idea as the Rangers found out.  All in all another good game of To the Strongest and  everyone enjoyed it with Bruce soon capturing the essence of the rules and activation mechanisms.



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Saturday 13th February: First Battle of Harondor   Leave a comment

Using the To the Strongest rules Mike and Phil introduced Darryl to the To the Strongest Rules.  Gondor against Mordor and the Southrons with Phil playing as Gondor.  This was to be the first battle in our Harondor mini-campaign.  Harondor a debatable and desert land.

First of all we set out the terrain using the rules.  We thought we had placed quite a bit but when the cards were drawn almost all the terrain was removed so the armies faced across an open plain as the Sun rose in the harsh arid lands of South Harondor.  The Prince of Ithilien hoped to force the enemy back as they headed up the old Harad Road North to Pelargir.

The battle began with the Gondor army advancing forwards rapidly to take the Middle ground.  The Knights to the left flank, infantry centre and the Prince’s infantry and Guard cavalry to the right.   The right flank infantry failed to advance.  In response the Far Harad infantry advanced towards the Knights and the Trolls (Elephants) down the centre.  The Harad cavalry opposite the Gondor right advanced and harried them with horse archers with little success.

On the Gondor left however events unfolded rapidly badly as the Javelinmen brought down Findegil the Commander and disordered his Knights.  He was led from the field gravely wounded unlikely to ever be able to ride again.  The Knights in disorder and without a commander would find it difficult to make much progress from now on.

In the centre the trolls struck the Large Units hard and heavily disordered them.  They proved impossible to injure and the infantry struggled just to avoid destruction.

Eventually the Gondor Knights were slowly pushed back but continued to hold the left flank.  In the centre one Troll was slain and rampaged towards the Marshall of Umbar with little effect.  The others proved indestructible and the Gondor centre was buckling with a couple of units on 2 disorder.  On the Gondor right flank the Prince had by now advanced his forces and was pushing the Harad cavalry back.  The Serpent Guard lost a unit and the Black Serpent himself had to flee and join the second unit as the infantry pushed forwards.  The Harad counterattack though was deadly and a whole large unit of infantry was destroyed.  The Knights held their own and pushed back the skirmishing cavalry to the baseline but were disordered in the process.

At this point seeing that the day was lost and before his centre collapsed the Prince of Ithilien withdrew his forces and victory was awarded to the forces of Mordor and Harad.  Well done Mike and Darryl.

The Trolls proved especially effective. This was helped when Phil drew an ace when trying to activate his division as they closed thus failing to shoot at a crucial moment.  The deep units with extra bow proved very resistant but the extra bow was not so effective when compared with a separate unit of formed archers of course.  The fact that they could never seem to hit a Troll and then when they did they always saved caused problems for Gondor.  This was compounded by a bad start down the left flank with the early loss of their commander there.





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Harondor   1 comment

Spent some time researching for a battle using the To the Strongest Rules to be fought in Harondor.  Thus it will be Gondor against the Southrons.  Hopefully will get to fight it in the next few weeks.

Link to the page here.


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Saturday 30th January: Temple of Elemental Evil   Leave a comment

Phil, Alex, Bruce and Alex decided to enter the Temple and investigate cult activities having been ambushed on the way to town.  Bravely they left the Cleric to guard the horses.  Fighter, Ranger, Wizard and Thief barely made it two tiles before they found themselves with three players down and only two surges to heal with.  Game over.

Regroup.  This time Alex’s thief led the way backed up by Phil’s cleric for healing.  he required lots including a potion.  Mike’s Fighter and Bruce’s Ranger dealt with lots of monsters.  Every time the players got treasure it was stolen by the invisible stalker who had amassed quite a hoard by the end.  The players did so well this time they required no healing surges.  The Wizard this time was left behind to guard the horses and is consequently the richest fifth player if we ever have more for the second or later adventures in the series.  Definitely will be taking the Thief and the Cleric for every scenario now !

Next we played Thunderbirds. we only had two turns before Mike announced we had been defeated by Hood. Oh well!





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