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Quickbeam the Ent

Kings of Dale


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Good starts by inflicting casualties through heavy archery fire whilst Gandalf casts a channeled Terror effect on himself . Evil responded by moving closer . The next turn evil was able to win the initiative and charge in to contact . The Mouth of Sauron cast fear as he closed in scattering the Rohan shield wall and closing in supported by his orcs who cornered Gandalf . Several though failed their courage roll so MoS was left somewhat exposed. This allowed Legolas to attack him and he was defeated and killed immediately despite his high defence! Also Gandalf was able to drive off his attackers any way .

Meanwhile Gimli was able to push forward but struggled to inflict wounds and Eomer and Aragorn had the same problems with low wound rolls.

Frodo and Sam on the mount doom board did manage to keep moving despite attempts at exhaustion with good courage rolls . Gollum attacked but was driven back by Sam with Sting keeping Frodo safe . Corruption also failed to halt their progress .

Back to the Black Gate our heroes held back the tide of orcs . A great sorcerous blast from Gandalf allowed Legolas and his supports to inflict more kills . Gimli kept pushing back the orcs as did Aragorn with all the remaining orc captains soon falling to their deadly blades .

However the Mordor Troll closed in on Eomer and using Rend was able to reduce him to his last would by winning the duel roll on his higher fight due to a great heroic Strike roll . However he then had to use all his will to resist an immobilise from Gandalf. He was then surrounded as his orcs fell away and so the two warriors faced off again with no might or fate or will remaining !

With time running out and with little sign that Evil could kill all the heroes at the black gate right now we concentrated on the one ring at the precipice above the lava .

Frodo had some might left and won all the tied rolls in succession to break free of the influence of the one ring. Gollum attacked again but once more Sam was at hand to keep Frodo safe just and he then cast the ring into the lava below .

So finally the one ring was destroyed and after all their travails throughout our campaign Good were ultimately victorious.

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