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Painting Update: Conan Miniatures from the Monolith Boardgame: Khitai expansion.   Leave a comment

Conan Miniatures from the Monolith Boardgame:  Khitai expansion.

Painted these up using a fairly quick system.  Spray paint a base colour such as brown or grey or black.  Block in the colours then use a dark brown or dark black wash.  Highlight only if necessary.  For the heroes used a flesh wash and highlighted the colours after the wash.  For the bases used sand mix, then dark brown then highlighted with graveyard earth.  No grass or foliage as so many scenarios are inside and wanted to keep the board game feel plus the sword and sandals theme.

Here they are:

2017-07-30 20.01.402017-07-30 20.01.072017-07-30 20.00.512017-07-30 20.00.282017-07-30 20.00.172017-07-30 19.59.272017-07-30 19.59.022017-07-30 19.58.242017-07-30 19.58.162017-07-30 19.57.582017-07-30 19.57.542017-07-30 19.57.072017-07-30 19.56.412017-07-30 19.56.252017-07-30 19.56.142017-07-30 19.55.372017-07-30 19.55.17

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Saturday 29th July. Elder Sign and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.   Leave a comment

Bruce hosted Phil, Darryl, Mike and Alex. He ran elder sign the dice and card game. All seemed to be going really well until a mad axeman went berserk in a tea shop. Phil, Alex and Darryl could not shift him and by the time bruce arrived to sort him out there were monsters every where. Then the king in yellow appeared and devoured everyone without losing any health at all by the end.

Then he set up buffy versus the first evil. Again everything seemed under control with three of four plot cards remaining and hardly any active monsters about. The players had lots of the cards they needed. All of a sudden they took four damage before they could heal when a special activated the first evil ability to deal damage when a player is with a townie. Disaster. Bruce was just about to heal us but it was all over.

So an evening of evil excelsior. Excellent.

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Painting update   Leave a comment

I have been speed painting some Conan figures from my board game. Specifically the Khitai expansion. So far I have done the guards and foo dogs plus the wizard.

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Star Wars Rebellion: Saturday 22 July   Leave a comment

An Epic Game:  report to follow.

DARRYL and Alex played as the Empire against Phil and Mike as the Rebels. The game started oddly with the best planets already under imperial control and a big gap near to Mon Calamari where they had little influence. The rebels took a long time to find Luke but he came out on the last draw. During that time they amassed quite a good fleet but their Diplomat Leader got captured. See the picture below with the ring. She then got carbonited. Nevertheless their were quite a few systems loyal to the rebels and they gained vp for that.

The game was memorable for the moment when Luke armed with the Death Star plans led the fleet against the Death Star. They successfully destroyed it but lost their calamari cruiser in the process. More vp pushed on the rebels cause. The imperials did not seem to care and soon had a big fleet headed from all angles towards the secret base at Kessel. However it had taken them just as long as they had remaining to get there and of course before they could arrive the rebels were able to relocate the base back mon calamari where their fleet could fend off the rebels just long enough. Thus a victory was awarded to the rebels on the basis that time had run out for the imperials. Darryl used his new imperial Star map iPad app which worked well in remembering which planets had been searched or eliminated from the search for the rebel base entirely.

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The King   Leave a comment

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Saturdays 15 July; Eldritch Horror   Leave a comment

Mike brought over eldritch horror for another truly horrific game with Phil, Darryl, Alex and Bruce.  Phil died on turn two when he realised the soldier had rubbish sanity and a monster dropped on him during the mythos phase whilst he was combating a monster.  His next character proved more hardy and survived to the end.

The players faced the northern winter and the elder one soon spawned despite their best efforts.  They quickly finished the third mythos card and were ready to take it on.  Unfortunately the freezing cold of the winter brought on more hypothermia killing both Bruce and Alex.  This was awkward because, one the monster was now out of reach to be attacked and two, more importantly the players had been relying on Alex and his mighty card which allowed him to deliver huge damage on the monster in just one go!  Basically if he had not died during the mythos the players would have won!

So yet again the horrific horrors prove victorious against our hapless heroes.

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Castles Kickstarter has arrived from dwarvenforge forge   Leave a comment

Generally positive.  For negative read the forum for known issues.  Problem with drawbridge fixings which do said they would replace asap and I can drill in the meantime.

Main problem is that I did not order two corner pieces and at least one small tower to go with the roof pieces and bases I bought to go with them.  Now that is tricky!  

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Painting update, iron hills dwarves   3 comments

Painted some iron hills dwarves, infantry with spears, command for mattock and goat rider cavalry.  Spent ages so disappointed when the dreaded varnish spray clouding happened.  Rescued with olive oil but they look a little more gloss now as a result.

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Pickering’s mission   Leave a comment

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Saturday 1st July : Tyrants of the Underdark   Leave a comment

Phil, Mike, Alex and Darryl played their first game of Tyrants.  As game owner Phil took first player.  He managed to take a lead on control and VP sites but Mike, Alex and Darryl were soon setting spies and troops against him to hold him back.  Mike did better on inner circle VPs yet Phil was able to claim victory.  Next time it won’t go his way I suspect as the players soon had a good idea of the rules and VP requirements by the end.  A good game with a nice blend of troop placement and card play.  Word of warning though to new players.  The round card beer mats are actually your inner circle and not your drink s coaster!

Next we played Goths.  This was fun with Team Alex and Darryl beating Phil and his rather confused King twice despite Mike’s best efforts.




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