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Dux Britanniarum Campaign

Rhegin; South Downs 477 AD

The Romano-British

Tribune Julius;  Status III

Age 36; of Average Build; Iron Liver (famed for his love of wine, ignore 1 Bibamus on self).

No reputation as of yet.  Son of a Honestiore.  Born in a comfortable Villa in Ceint. 

Wealth:  a Tribune’s Tribute (3). 

Responsible to a King aged 54:  Honorius, King of the Saxon Shore Forts.

Julius is a Proud Roman Officer and Professional soldier who watched the Saxons turn from mercenaries to enemies in the Saxon Revolt.  His family once owned a Villa along one of the river valleys in Kent, but this now lies ruined deep in Saxon lands.  He himself has been stationed on the Saxon Shore at Anderitum for many years trying in his own small way to stem the Saxon tide.  Despair has turned him to drink perhaps more than he should and he no longer has the trim agile figure of his youth, but is tempered with experience and has a strong tactical mind.    He longs for the day when the True Romans of Southern Britain will unite behind a strong and capable leader and sweep the Saxons back into the Sea. 

Aided by two Junior Officers.  Status II. 


Aged 32; of Average Build;

Reputation:   Battler; Constitution of an Ox (re-roll 1 dice per game if wounded or killed).

Son of a Honestiore.  Born in a comfortable Villa in Rhegin.


Aged 20; of Average build; Athlete (withdraw from combat, scale obstacles). 

No reputation as of yet.  Born to the Purple; son of a wealthy Roman family owning Iron Mines and Factories in Noviomagus (-1 Loyalty)

The Saxons

Lord Aesc; Lustful (-1 Loyalty); Status III

Age 22; of Average Build Lustful (-1 Loyalty)

No reputation as of yet.  Son of a Peasant.  Born in a Hovel in Germany.

Wealth:  a Thief’s Horde (2). 

Aesc hails from Old Saxony in the cold harsh lands of Nothern Germany.  He has fought in the ranks of Hengist’s Army in Kent and has now decided to strike out on his own.  He plans to carve out a Kingdom for himself and take control of British lands in Rhegin.  He will slaughter the men and enslave the women for he despises the weakling British.   

Aided by two Adeligs.  Status II. 


Aged 30; of Average Build;

Reputation: Monk.  Devout (Pagan). 

Son of a Peasant.  Born in a Hovel in Germany.


Aged 24; A Man Mountain (+1d6 in Combat); Honourable(+2 Loyalty). 

No reputation as of yet.  Son of a Peasant.  Born in a Hovel in Germany.

Scenario 1

Aesc’s First Raid into Rhegin.

Both sides have a force morale of 5. Now Roll a d6, p21.

Saxons can place/ move three large pieces of terrain (hills, woods, swamps)

Romano-British can place/ move four small terrain (walled enclosures, buildings, broken ground).

Now Saxons (winner) can move any piece 6 inches then the Romano British (loser) does the same. 

British Wagon Train

Refugees are being escorted to Anderitum from the borderlands near Kent.  Julius has been tasked with leading them to safety.  He is within sight of the walls of Anderitum and has momentarily lost his guard thinking they are safe now when Aesc launches his attack. 


Andy and Darryl played as Romano-British.  Mike as Saxon.

The British Levy and Archers rushed out of the Fortress to meet up with the Wagons and their escort.  The Archers were dispersed by a surprise attack from the Saxon Geoguth (Warriors) and the Levy formed shieldwall in front of the Fortress.

Paega led the Geoguth into the lead unit of Roman warriors inflicting heavy casualties and forcing them to retire effectively out of action.  However he was wounded in the fight.  Eastmund led the remaining Geoguth against the Levy shieldwall forcing them to retreat back into the Fortress.

Julius then lead the Roman Elite Infantry against Paega and his warriors, forcing them to flee off the table having lost 5 of their 6 warriors.  Meanwhile Aesc led his Elite against Vellocatus and the Romano-British mixed shieldwall of Warriors supported by the Levy.  He forced the warriors to flee and then the Levy to retire.  His route to the Wagons was thus open and the British were forced to retire across Neutral table edges to escape destruction.

However the Post Game phase was especially deadly with the British suffeeing seven casualties with men lost in the wild woods of the Weald attempting to make their way back to the Fortress.  The Saxons had saved three Pursuit cards and the British had suffered more casualties so the Victory Table result was a plus 4.  This gave Aesc time to launch a further unopposed raid.  He finished then with Two extra Thieves Hordes of Treasure and Two Warriors added to one of his groups.  He now has 6 Units of Wealth to his name.   Julius has managed to gather and train his new force and is ready to defend Rhegin again in June.

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