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Folco and Farmer Cotton plus Gaffer Gamgee and some flower pots…

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Lindismere or TTS ONLINE   2 comments


Scots Norse played by Phil at the bottom of the screen with the Scots to the right flank and the Norsemen to the left. Opposite are the Anglo Saxons of Bernicia. Mike as King Ecberht opposing the Scots and Darryl as Leofwine of Dun Holme opposite the Norse.
The armies meet in the mist. Panic sets in amongst the Scots Norse as both armies make for the high ground in the centre.
The scots spearman on the right advance behind the light cavalry. The Saxons claim all the high ground. The Scots remain disordered in parts of their line.
The battlefield set out with miniatures mirroring the action on TTS is streamed live to the players on Skype.
The Anglo Saxons charge furiously down from the hills and force their foes back in disorder.
Now the Scots line is split . Constantine turns his cavalry to flank King Ecberht hearth guard. The Norsemen have been pushed back in disorder. However the cavalry on the far left and the skirmishes in the rough ground deter a wider Saxon advance.
Things are looking bad for the Scots but the galwegians have split the Saxon line and the King is feeling exposed.
Ecberht begins to pull his force back rather than risk being outflanked whilst the Scots horse are struck by very poor mobility for the next few turns. The spearman on the right flank are close to collapse. The Norse under Ragnar regain their order for the most part.
Ragnar advances aggressively.
King Ecberht returns to his line on the hill whilst Constantine finally manages to turn his cavalry to face. Ragnar and the Galeegians pressure the Saxon centre but the Norse behind Ragnar will fail to move for the next few turns. The battle appears to be turning. What had loooked like certain defeat for the Scots Norse now lies in the balance.
The battle has moved to the centre and even the Saxon camp is threatened. The Saxon left flank is pushed back and the centre weakens. Ragnar though struggles to bring his troops forward in support of his own advance.
The Scots spearman turn to face the Saxon cavalry and charge forward. The cavalry evade which is perfect for them as they are now far away and flank the Glaswegians who had thought they had a clear run at the camp! Drawing a perfect run of activations and good attack cards the cavalry destroy the Glaswegians before they know what has hit them.
Finally the now deserted King Ecberht finds himself surrounded. With Constantine and his brave cavalry attacking from his front he is struck by the spearman to his rear. His hearth-troops destroyed and he flees towards the faltering Ford to his rear. At this point the Saxons call it a day having saved their camp they retire from the battlefield. The Scots and Norse can hardly believe they have turned things around from what seemed certain defeat earlier in the day!

A great game fought in a good spirit. Some amazing twists and turns. Fighting the battle using miniatures was good fun. Glad to get the soldiers back out of the box after so long and still play with real opponents. Thanks all.

King Ecberht finds himself surrounded when his cavalry evade the spearmen’s charge.

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Preparing for TTS online   Leave a comment

Preparing for a To The Strongest Miniatures Battle to be played online live with miniatures and table top simulator.

The Battle of Lindismere. It is the 9th century and the Kingdom of Bernicia is buckling under pressure from the Vikings and the Scots. Attacked from the South by the Great Heathen Army from Jorvik the Kingdom of Northumbria has fallen but Bernicia still holds strong. Now a force of Scots and Norsemen come from the North. The two armies stumble across each other in the mist. Near the Lindismere marshlands and forests they are forced together meeting in a narrow hill valley.

Can the Christians prevail over the Heathen Vikings and their Scots allies? King Ecgberht stands ready to defend the cross as the enemy emerge from the mist.

The camera’s view from the end of the table for live streaming of the action.
The set up of the table. Recently moved the PC to the table as not so much space in the games room. For other battles would probably need to move it off the table to allow more deployment space.

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