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SAGA Rules

The Strife of Einar and Raedwald

See the images from the battles here.

Listen, Mead Drinkers!

Einar’s Vikings and Redwaeld’s Anglo-Danes enaged in heroic clash of arms upon this Marching Season.  Einar’s Northmen set out upon a Strandhogg riding the frothing waves from the North to wreak ruin upon the English.

Scenario 1

The Anglo-Danes meet them at the Ford and Bridge forming the only river crossing on their route.  Clash of Shieldwalls and flight of arrows.  Einar strikes Redwaeld down as his Ceorls are put to flight by the Hirdmen.  In the confusion a wounded Raedwald is rescued by his Levies who had been safely hiding in the woods and Intimidating the Bondi into forming a static shieldwall.  The Berserkers hold the Ford against the Huscarles crossing.  Victory to the Vikings.

Scenario 2

The Sacred Ground.  Two sites of Standing Stones flank a High Hill overlooking the fertile valleys of the Anglo-Dane’s Homeland.  Whomsoever can take this Ground and Hold it shall hold the advantage in the forthcoming strife.  The rich Church and the small Hamlet in the valley below would be at the mercy of the Northmen should they prove victorious in this battle.

Einar’s men held the advantage from the first meeting and charged straight to the High Ground.  Breathless and exhausted at the summit they were roused to war again by Einar’s stirring words and boasts (discarding the fatigue through the use of a Saga die).  The Anglo-Danes advanced tentatively towards the hill supported by sling fire from the levies.  The Bondi entered the Stone Circle to their left flank whilst the Berserkers advanced to that occupied by the English to their right.

The Hirdmen once again stirred by Einar’s example threw themselves down the hill to smash the Huscarles facing them.  They defended their liege lord here to the last man suffering repeated attacks and volleys of slingshot.  The Bondi moved to support them on the High Ground above but were driven off by the Ceorls.  The Berserkers were picked off in the open ground (having been Intimidated) by archers in the Stone Circle whom they then drove off in revenge.

In the confusion Einar was left alone at the foot of the hill having slaughtered all Redwaeld’s Huscarles but this was at the cost of all his own Hirdmen.  The Bondi held the Stone Circle to his left and one Berserker survived in that to his right.  Behind him the Ceorls held the High Ground but they were fatigued and distracted by the weakened Bondi and effort it took them to slay the Thralls who had foolishly come to close to their spears.

Once again Einar’s Vikings had proved the stronger and the path to Redwaeld’s Homeland lay open now.  However the cost had been high and many strong warriors lay wounded or dead around the summit.  Victory to the Vikings.

Next Scenario shall be Homeland when the wolves shall descend upon the lambs within the once peaceful Hamlet.

The Forces Available for Scenario 3

Veteran denotes single free activation once per game available.  Number in parantheses denotes troops in unit available for next scenario.

Unit Size Class Saga Dice
1 Jarl 2
4 Veteran Berserkers 1
8 (5) Hirdmen 1
8 Bondi 1
8 Bondi 1
6 Thralls 0
6 Thralls 0
Total   6
Saxons (Anglo-Danes)
Unit Size Class Saga Dice
1 Earl 2
6 Thegns 1
6 (5) Thegns 1
8 Ceorls 1
8 Ceorls 1
6 Fyrd 0
6 (5) Fyrd 0
Total   6

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Mansions of Madness



Mike as the Evil Overlord tricked the fool hardy adventurers (Bruce, Phil, Andy and Darryl) into entering the Witch House at night.

The Hobo and the Professor (Bruce and Darryl) went right whilst the Private Investigator and the Scientist (Phil and Andy) went left and then followed the clues in order.  Bruce and Phil vied with each other to see who could miss with the most shots or drop their weapon at the most awkward moments.  The Professor wrestled any wounded Cultists or Hounds he came across to finish them off.  The Scientist used her axe to good effect and put the clues together to solve the riddle of the adventure and learn that the players needed to destroy a Black Book should they find one.  Rumours of a cocked dice are in no way to be believed.

Unfortunately it proved impossible to enter certain rooms without Nola’s Journal so some time was lost especially due to certain tenacious Cultists who just refused to die.  Eventually however the adventurers made it to the Otherworld and raced out left and right again in search of the Book.  The Scientist bravely opened the locked box in one room only to fall into a dimensional trap and die!  Meanwhile the Professor and the Hobo chased away the Cultists using their Elder Sign and found the Book.  With the remaining adventurers on the verge of insanity or death from from multiple wounds and with just one turn to go the learned Professor destroyed the Book and the heroes were saved.  The Witch House was Haunted no more!

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Caer Guinnion

The troops arrayed for battle.

The Battle of Caer Guinnion

Mike and Andy’s Saxons took on Phil and Darryl’s Romano-British and Lothian force.

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