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Saturday 22nd August: Forbidden Stars   Leave a comment

We got half way through.  Orks and Space Marines had 1VP each but Eldar were looking strong.  Chaos Marines were a little behind but had a good home defence force in place and Space Marines would need to move back to defend their home from the Orks next turn.

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Saturday 15th August: Legends of Drizzt   Leave a comment

Amazingly successful victory in the final fight against the Priestess of Lolth.  However two players had upgraded to level two working together to deliver 9 dmg in one round.  The other two players had just 1HP remaining each.  But still it was a fantastic win.

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Saturday 8th August: Mike’s Birthday   Leave a comment

Mike’s Birthday so lots of games and food.  James, Bruce, Alex, Mike, Darryl and Phil played.

Started with two games of Quartermaster.  Mike, James, Bruce as Axis vs Darryl, Phil and Alex as Allies.  Two Allied wins!

Next Firefly which Alex won just as everyone had their crew ready to start.  We used Darryl’s instant crew set up programme.  Very good.

James had to leave for another Birthday celebration!

A game of Dark Moon.  Our first.  Darryl and Alex were infected first time.  Uninfected humans won!  Second time Phil and Darryl were infected and Infected won. This was after Bruce rolled 3 random hits on the shields allowing Phil to declare as infected and cover the last shield space automatically!

Finally a game of Saboteur which Bruce won.

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Saturday 1st August: Eldritch Horror   1 comment

A truly horrible game of Eldritch Horror.  We failed to get anywhere early on and were overwhelmed by events just as we were about ready to set out and defeat the evil ones spawn in the Amazon.  So we lost 😦

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