Vortigern’s Bane 452 AD   Leave a comment

Vortigern’s Bane

Durovernum Cantiacorum

The year of the Saxon Revolt.  Vortigern has successfully defended Brittania for a number of years through the aid of Hengest and Horsa and their Saxon mercenaries.  They have defended the coast from North to South, East to West and have gathered many warriors to their Halls.  Now a famine has struck Brittania and  having grown forgetful with the years of relative peace the Britons have grown restless under Vortigern’s rule and  failed to provide the Saxons with their promised supplies and gold.  Hengest and Horsa have led the mercenaries in rebellion and are seeking to plunder Durovernum Cantiacorum (which was the civitas capital of Romanised Kent).  Vortigern has raised the Levy and plans to give battle near the Alder Marsh.


The Battle of the Alder Marsh.  Hengest and Horsa have a small but fierce band of experienced mercenaries.  These are well equiped with arms and armour from the British Fabricae.  Horsa leads a unit of Veterans and Hengest his own Companions or Hearthtroop.  The Army  is reinforced by some newly arrived  Jutish warriors.  Vortigern leads his own Mounted Companions and Riders and these are reinforced by the troops of the local  Civitas.  Gorangan, the Governor of Durovernum Cantiacorum has raised the local militia and they have gathered near the Alder Marsh in order to block the route of Saxons march towards the City.

Victory Conditions

Hengest seeks to legitimise his authority in Kent and establish a homeland for his people.  Therefore his aim is to capture Vortigern and persuade him to hand over the East of Britain to his protection.  He knows that Vortigern is beset on all sides by the Irish and Picts as well as rebellious Britons such as Ambrosius.  He suspects that an offer of peace and the support of the Saxon troops once again , perhaps cemented by marriage to his daughter of Rowena would be accepted if he can capture Vortigern and destroy his Army.

Vortigern seeks to show these Saxon rebels the error of their ways and to reassert his authority in Eastern Britain.  Hengest has gone too far this time and must be put down.

End of Reign Scenario:  Rout the Companions of the Enemy Leader.  No LP’s can be used to block hits on Companions.



Army Saxon Sea Raiders
Unit Type Number Move Bravery Aggression Missiles Protection Cohesion Notes Points  Points
Foot Companions Warriors 1 2 10 6 6 6 U3BW 5 5
Veteran Noble Warriors 1 2 9 7 5 6 U3BW 5 5
Noble Warriors 2 2 9 6 5 6 U3BW 5 10
Ordinary Warriors 2 2 7 5 5 5 U3BW 3 6
Foot Skirmisher Sling 1 3 8(6) 1 2 4 2 4BW 1 1
Foot Skirmisher Javelin 0 3 8(6) 1 2 4 2 2BW 1 0
Experienced Warlord 2
Veteran Nobles 3
Army Romano-British Levy
Unit Type Number Move Bravery Aggression Missiles Protection Cohesion Notes Points  Points
Mounted Companions  1 4 10 5 1 6 5 2BW 5 5
Noble Riders 1 4 9 5 1 5 5 2BW 5 5
Ordinary Riders 1 4 7 4 1 5 4 2BW 5 5
Ordinary Shieldwall 1 2 7 3 6 4 3 3
Levy Shieldwall 4 2 6 2 5 3 2 8
Foot Skirmisher Bow 2 3 8(6) 1 2 4 2 4BW 1 2
Mounted Skirmisher Javelin 1 4 8(6) 2 1 4 2 2BW 1 1
Javelins 3
Levy 0

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