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Painting progress- Haldir’s warriors with swords and a Cave Drake   Leave a comment

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Painting guide rohan house and pallisade   Leave a comment

Rohan House

Model assembled, quite fiddly roof.  Some gaps in thatched roof- Mr white putty.

Model sprayed with new citadel grey.  Because of the white putty it was not really possible to do the roof using citadel contrast so this was painted yellow, then washed with sepia brown then dry brushed with yellow and bone and then bone.

The house was citadel contrast painted in wood brown.  Then this was heavily dry brushed with lighter shades of grey to grey white and white for the horses.  Same for the fences and barrels.  Rust added to the iron that got obliterated by dry brush on the barrels.  Details picked out on horse tack.  The door was picked out with iron details then nuln oil wash and the arch with bronze plus the ties on the sides.  Nuln oil added to tone down.


Nice model, would get it again if I needed more Rohan houses, if I was rich I would get three and mash them into a big house.

Photo to follow.



I wanted to go for a dark frost bitten theme with preserved timbers.  So I used the suggested black-grey theme.  Easy enough to put together though the gate was a bit fiddly and I lost a piece.  Also I did not realise the posts under the walkway are each specific to their exact position.  I cut them all out and glued them on only to realise that they had to go in a set order as each is slightly different.

Next I sprayed it grey with citadel base and then used black contrast paint.  I used alot and of course can’t order any more right now.

Then I used grey and then grey white and then white on the timbers.  The metal parts got iron and then a bit of rust.  Same for the watch tower but that is lighter grey-white at its top.

Photo in post below

Good model that can be used by any dark ages or any other similar force that requires a pallisade.  Not just for Rohan and the Saxons and Celts liked their horse motifs too.  Nothing to stop people going for brown but judging by how quickly timber rots in my back garden fence if put in the ground I think the stained black timber effect will add some durability!



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Painting update: Rohan Watchtower and Pallisade   7 comments

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Saturday 11 April and Sunday 12 April   Leave a comment


Boardgame Arena again…


CCA Epic.  Phil and Darryl took on Mike and Michael at Cannae.  P and D got trounced at Cannae.

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Boardgame Arena: again   Leave a comment

More Boardgame Arena Saturday’s followed…

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