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Samurai: 16th and 17th Century Japan

Battle Report:  War and Conquest; A Samurai battle between Kato and Maeda clans using these rules.

My forces:

Warriors Figures Owned
Standing   Daimyo 2
Seated   Daimyo Takeda Shingen and retainers 5
Samurai   Cavalry 15
Uesegi Kenshin, Date Matasume, Oda Nabunaga Mtd. 3
Kato and 2 retainers 3
Maeda Toshi and son Toshinaga and 2 retainers 4
Ikko Ikki Arquebusiers 6
Monks 6
Ninja 6
Green Ashigaru Spearmen Maeda 16
Blue Ashigaru Spearmen Kato 16
Blue Plastic Ashigaru Spearmen 25
Grey Ashigaru Spearmen Maeda 16
Samurai Spearmen Maeda 29
Samurai Spearmen Kato 15
Blue Arquebusiers Kato 12
Blue Archers Kato 9
Green Archers Maeda 9
Maeda Yellow Arquebusiers 6
Yellow Kato Banner 1
Samurai with bow and retainer 2
Unpainted Perry Samurai
Unpainted Plastic Archers
Unpainted Plastic Cavalry
Unpainted Plastic Arquebusiers

The scenario pictured below was based on WSS Issue 67. Using M and T rules adapted for the period. Mike and Andy played the Ninja side against Phil’s sentries and Temple Guards.

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