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Bolt Action Scenario

Andy’s Soviets defended the Town Hall against Mike’s Panzergrenadiers.

The Panzergrenadiers advanced from the South with orders to either wipe out the Soviets defending the town hall or breakthrough and exit via the Northern edge of the board.  This would allow them to take an important bridge off map and link up with the Waffen SS to the East.  The Soviets had orders to hold their ground and defend the Imposing ruins of the town hall.  The Soviets had only a very small force of 1 unit of Guards infantry and some raw recruits supported by 2 snipers and some anti tank rifles.  To the Eastern edge the road appeared to be guarded by a Soviet tank, but this had in fact broken down and the crew had fled which the Germans were unaware of.

The Germans cautiously advanced into cover of the buildings opposite the town hall.  The Panzer IV moved up ignoring the glancing blows from the anti-tank rifles and Panzerfaust and began to fire shells at the town hall ineffectively.  The German machine gunners received orders to suppress the Soviet snipers who had been taking shots at the German officers.  One sniper was killed.


The Germans then attempted to cross the road and seize half the Town Hall to the West.  However even supported by their Captain they lost their nerve (rolling a 12) when they came under defensive fire and fled back to cover.  This left their officer trapped and isolated!  On the Eastern edge the Germans charged the Raw Recruits hidden in the building opposite (the east wing of the town hall) and mercilessly wiped them out taking no casualties.  Things seemed very bad for the Soviets now with the Germans in a position to encircle them and the Hanomag moving forwards also.  The Soviets managed to set the Hanomag alight but the brave crew soon had the fire out and under control.

Now however the tables were suddenly turned!  Each player received new orders as the situation tactically reversed due to changes in the wider battlefield.  The Waffen SS to the East had been defeated and forced to retreat against overwhelming odds.  This meant that Russians were soon arriving in numbers to both East and West.  The Germans now had orders to escape off their own Southern base edge and the Soviets had to destroy them.   A Soviet tank, a unit of Guards, a machine gun and mortar arrived.  The tank fired down the main street and in one shot took out the Panzer IV!  The Soviet infantry occupied the building to the East the Germans had just left to assault the Town Hall east wing.  The Germans tried to assault them out of the building but this time the Soviets and their troops were ready.  Armed with sub-machine guns and experience in house to house fighting this time it was the Germans who were wiped out.   Seeing this the Germans remaining infantry and machine gunners fled off the table.  The Soviets had won the day but the single German infantry unit had at least made it to safety.  This was mainly due to them having unexpectedly fled earlier and thus being closer to safety when the trap was sprung!

Victory to the Soviets!  Well done Andy.


Here are the images of the battle and the forces involved.


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