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Formule De Vassal   Leave a comment

First was Mike in his blue car. Next was Alex. Third was Bruce Green, Next purple Darryl , yellow Phil, red Alex, blue Mike and orange Michael.

Crashes: Orange, Yellow and Purple. (Mike, Phil and Darryl)

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Painting update Gripping Beast Women   Leave a comment

Started painting these using contrast paints for a quick simple look.–product–5365.html

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Painting update Teutonic Knights   Leave a comment

Fireforge Teutonic Knights and Battleflag decals.

Assembly was straight forward . Standard for multipart plastics. Time consuming but allows for variety. Glued the second figure for the multi bases on sticks but used my glue gun which proved to be a mistake when it came to removing them.

First all painted white. Then white-light grey citadel contrast paint for the cloth later highlighted with white. Chain mail to the metal washed with black. Dark wood brown to weapons and horses. Some horses black. Snake brown to the leather.

Next the figures are varnished and the decals applied. Very time consuming as each one needs to be cut out and applied individually. Varnished again. Figures added to bases and base mix applied. Leather brown Vallejo paint to the ground and washed with army painter dark tone then grass tufts and yellow flowers added with pva glue.

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Painting update Prince Rupert and the Earl of Essex   Leave a comment

Painting using citadel contrast paints.

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Painting swamp terrain pieces   Leave a comment

Painted up a couple of swamp/ marsh terrain pieces for miniatures gaming. Used a green diorama swamp gel which I thought would be more translucent . So I had to restart with the leaves and herbs and use water effects over it. Next time will just use water effect.

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Battlestar galactica   Leave a comment

We did a game over TTS and everyone enjoyed it. The humans won just about playing the basic game with a sympathetic cylon.

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Gloomhaven   Leave a comment

We have played a couple of games of gloomhaven using table top simulator. It works well. The first was a bit tedious being the headless horseman one which takes too long but is important for the campaign. The second was more fun being a treasure run and introduced Alex to his new Sun character.

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Sword of Rome   Leave a comment

We are playing sword of rome over vassal. So far its taken two sessions and Mike is winning with the Etruscans and Samnites. Darryls Carthage keeps sailing to Etruscan aid then sailing back, whilst the Greeks wait readying their strength and the Gauls move about plundering the Samnites. Rome tried to attack Etruscans but keeps getting distracted and lost a VP to the Samnites and Gauls combining so is behind on points.

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Tabletop Simulator Gloomhaven Solo   Leave a comment

Gloomhaven Scenario 84 round 10.  Can our heroes grab the chest.?

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Painting tree trunk counters   Leave a comment

Some tree trunk counters for gaming, useful as markers or when figures move through trees.

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