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Saturday 21st January; War of the Ring   Leave a comment

Mike was Sauron, Phil Saruman, DARRYL was Rohan and Alex played his first ever game as Gondor.  All the expansions were in play using second edition rules.  We had never seen so many play on the table cads in play at once.  The new factions certainly had an influence. Saruman stole all the muster dice bringing Isengard and the Dunlendings into play.  

The free people’s brought the ends and the eagles on but their utility was delayed due to a on nobody’s side card.  However they did put the fear into Saruman who had to leave a garrison at orthanc.  

Early on the fellowship travelled far staying hidden all the way to fangorn with smeagols incredible help drawing three tiles.  They went to fangorn to bypass the closed gates of Maria and to release strider from the entwood so he could summon the army of the dead.

For their part the evil team attacked Rohan with a force of dunleendings and isengard elites smashing across the fords and into helms deep then endorses before Rohan could muster.  Meanwhile sauron had built up some strong forces to attack Gondar with .  Eventually they did so and quickly took mines tirith and pelargir.  The south eons mustered at umbra awaiting the great fleet but were slow to move to war.  However it seemed likely they would be required to reinforce the army besieging the city of dol amrRoth at the end of our game.  

With dol amRoth besieged this would put the evil players on eight vp should it fall.  The companions and fellowship were strong with just strider and Legolas away.  Lots of cards on the table plus some good blue tiles in play.  However there were red cards to balance them and no safe places to heal up corruption nearer than Lorien.  Also the party were on about five corruption though both sides had cards to influence this.  Thus with the hour late victory was awarded to sauron and Saruman.  

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Painting up Gundabad Orc Berserkers   Leave a comment

Using my new super glue instant hardener have fixed together these newly released figures from Forgeworld.  They are quite fiddly but I suppose that does give more options for different poses and weapon configurations.  Have also put together some Iron Hill Dwarven Command figures.


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Painting update: Iron Hills Dwarves Ballista and Crew   Leave a comment

The Ballista kit was quite tricky to fix together being resin.  The rope snapped in one place whilst I was struggling to get it all into position.  I have bought some new instant hardener for super glue which would have helped.  Overall though it is quite evocative of the movies and the captain pose is quite good too.

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Saturday 7th January; Cosmic Encounter, Deception and Deluxe Love Letter.   Leave a comment

Mike, Alex, Phil, Darryl and Bruce played some of Mike’s games.

First up was Cosmic Encounter.  Mike’s yellow Pacifists worked their way to Galactic Domination.  They managed to be victorious in every encounter it seemed.  Darryl took an early lead and everyone tried to stop him.  Phil foolishly invited Mike to help him against Darryl who was close to victory.  This then allowed Mike to make an unstoppable attack against Alex and claim victory.

Next we played a few rounds of Deception which was fun and then Love Letter.  Darryl proved victorious rapidly reaching 4 tokens whilst everyone but Mike had one and Mike had none despite being chosen as the one most likely to win a round twice!

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