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15mm Austrians   Leave a comment

15mm Austrians finally painted to add to my Napoleonic Austrian Army.

8 bases of German Fusiliers. White uniforms, Shakos. Yellow and Dark blue facings. The Shako being introduced after 1808 and there being a mix of Shako and Helmet wearing regiments in 1809. My force is created for 1809 and the invasion of Bavaria. These Regiments have been issued with brand new Shakos from the supply depots.

Austrian Jaegers. Pike Grey, Corsican hats and Dark Green facings. The Jagers had a good reputation and were considered to be marksmen.

I also re-based 3 officer bases for my Austrians.

I have some cavalry and Grenadiers on order from old glory too, to add to the lead pile. If I get these done I will have a fairly large force to oppose my Bavarians.

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Painting update no pics   Leave a comment

Caught up on further Napoleonics painting . Got lots of Austrian skirmish bases done for general d armee . Also a field forge decorative diorama piece.

Just finishing off a unit of grenzers with skirmishers now. Deciding which unit to choose so can select the facings colour.

In the unpainted pile I now have some Hungarian Hussars and generals to paint up . Again which unit do I choose . The green coat red trousers unit look attractive but might merge with my green coated light cavalry . Light blue is out because my Bavarians are light blue . Pike grey and dark blue seem less colourful.

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Saturday 22 October Lord of the Rings Card game.   Leave a comment

A two player game of the Lord of the Rings card game. Two sets of dwarves. Used the Moria random scenario deck. Used encounter decks 1 to 7.

We won!

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Preparing the fire spider lair for Hero Kids.   Leave a comment

Setup the fire spider lair with Link using our new tiles.

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Hero Kids   Leave a comment

Hero kids with Link. He played as Kevin the Hunter and Chris the warrior. Rescued the wagon and saved the farm animals from the ravenous wolves.

Chris fired an arrow to drop a falling branch on top of the final wolf before it could make away with the pig.

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Lord of the rings card game   Leave a comment

Two player game, second of our print on demand Moria scenarios . We used the rest of the encounter cards – decks 8 to 14. This was a tough one but our party of six dwarf heroes made it through with five heroes remaining. A particularly nasty treachery card kept wiping out our group resources.

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Painting update ruins of middle earth   Leave a comment

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Judge DREDD and card games   Leave a comment

Off to Bruce’s for Judge DREDD the classic board game . Still plays well . Phil was the most effective Judge and claimed victory . Bruce took the walk into the cursed earth having scored zero !

Next we played a great racing game similar to devil take the hind most which Darryl won. Very close though!

Then onto Llamas the card game which Darryl won again ! Finally 6 nimmt which of course Mike won.

Thanks Bruce for hosting some classic games!

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Dale Windlance   Leave a comment

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Arkham Horror the card game   Leave a comment

We finished the final scenario in our Cthulhu campaign.

We failed to stop the ritual being completed. We had plenty of clues to use but ran out of time to apply them on the ritual card. So the final Boss spawned. There was some debate about sacrificing Lita to sate the evil god but then the team agreed to go all out and fight . With seconds to spare and certain doom facing three of the four characters this turn we were able to apply 22 damage in one turn and claim victory!

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