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Andy and Mike played as the Saxons whilst Phil had the Romano-British and Darryl the Gododdin, Lothian Allies.

RomanoBritish lines

Romano-British lines

The Saxons advanced across the whole front and sent a unit to their left flank in the boats.  The British held their ground in the centre forming shieldwall whilst to the flanks the light and medium cavalry advanced.  The British cavalry on their right flank moved close to hurl javelins and in turn were charged by the Saxon infantry and fled in panic back towards the fort.  At this point there was much discussion about whether they should have deployed as skirmishers rather than formed troops.  The Lothian cavalry charged their Saxon counterparts on their far left flank.

The Elite Romano-British cavalry led by Arthur charged the Saxon Hearthguard.  The Milites advanced in support initially screened by the skirmishing archers and then threw javelins at the opposing Duguth warband.

The Lothian cavalry pushed back the Saxon cavalry.  However the Lothian light horse determined to stand and fight against the opposing warband when charged rather than just flee (they were most annoyed at not being deployed as skirmishers) and were utterly destroyed causing a rout amongst the crossbow skirmishers and a unit of warband.  Gawain’s horsemen were forced to retreat in disarray and lost their advantage in the cavalry skirmish.

The Saxons to their own left flank formed and advanced ready to face the light horse who had rallied and some Pedyt moving to defend the fort whilst the troops who had disemabarked from the boats turned to face the fort itself.  In the centre Arthur’s cavalry had failed to defeat the Hearthtroop opposing them in one turn and were caught up in a protracted sword fight.  To their left the Milites were charged and routed then destroyed by the Duguth warband causing the skirmishers also to flee and disconcerting the Pedyt.

Caer Guinnion

The troops arrayed for battle.

To the Romano-British left flank the Noble cavalry charged again and the remaining warband hurled javelins at their opponents to the centre side of the woods.  On the Saxon turn Arthur finally managed to defeat and destroy the Hearthtroops the remnants of which fled in terror sweeping away the medium cavalry in reserve to their rear who routed off table at the site of this.  This opened up a wide gap in the centre right as thevictorious Duguth warband had in fact advanced rapidly towards the fleeing Milites and skirmishers and the unbroken Pedyt.  Using their Drilled status Arthur’s Elite Cavalry were able to wheel and advance towards the flank of the King’s Hearthtroop in the centre.

The Lothian warband chose this point to advance and charge impetuously the Saxon Duguth facing them in shieldwall.  The Lothian cavalry steadily pushed back their opposing Saxon Cavalry, thanks mainly to Gawain’s personal prowess and influence.

The Saxons Advance

The Saxons Advance, Cerdic's Dragon Banner leading the way.

Arthur's Charge against the Hearthtroop.

Gawain and the Lothian allies on the left flank.









The Hearthtroop are pushed back but do not flee!


Arthur’s cavalry heroically charged into the flank of Cerdic’s Hearthtroop whilst the Lothian warband threw itself at the Duguth shieldwall.  The warband was completely ineffective and was destroyed.

Arthur threatens Cerdic's left flank.

However in the confusion of the flank attack and with no space to retreat from the victorious cavalry the Hearthtroop were destroyed and Cerdic fled the field.  The loss of their King had little effect on the Saxons though Oisc did flee taking his own Hearthtroop with him upon hearing the news.  Sadly at this moment of triumph Arthur’s own cavalry fled in panic at the site of the Lothian warband being destroyed by the Duguth shieldwall.

However the Saxons had lost their King and the Prince was in flight so the fight was over.  Well done Darryl and Phil as a victory of sorts was awarded to the Romano-British.  At least Arthur did not die this time though he was ignominiously fleeing at game end.  A marginal victory (151-186) was just about achieved.

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