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Wrath of Ashardalon

Elf Paladin and Human Cleric took on the Campaign.
First Clan: Kobolds; Just won with no surges left. Paladin level Two.
Second Clan: Duergar; Much better. No surges lost, both level Two and well equipped.
Third Clan: Orcs: Went pretty smoothly despite being chased by Traps. Upgraded equipment. Elf has +2 Sword, Amulet +1 AC, Bracers of Defence. Cleric has Elven Cloak (very useful), Throwing Shield, Vorpal Sword. Plus other minor items such as rings of shooting stars, potions and lucky amulets.
Fourth: Stables: Rage Drake. Went okay. Gained Staff of Command and Shield +2. Command and Cleric Blade spell really hurts these big monsters.
Fifth: Otuyhugh: Went so fast. Command and Cleric Blade spell really hurts these big monsters. His tentacles and lots of traps though did pose a challenge.
Sixth: Elite Regiment; Too easy as they all seemed to be out, but now we draw two encounter cards per turn when instructed.
Seventh: Gauth; That is always a tricky one with the Evil Eye, high AC and HP. With two encounters per turn and lots of monsters and traps running about the cleric was knocked unconscious by poison ray. Thus the Cleric had to use a Healing Surge after applying the poison damage and they and the Paladin slew Gauth.
Eight: With both short cut and guards bypassed boons the adventures start quicker. This time the heroes raced towards the chamber followed by a few monsters. The cleric found the chamber to find a Prison guard and two villagers. One of the villagers raced towards the exit only to be pounced on by a ferocious cave bear and killed. Only one villager remained. The Palasin dashed into the room and slew the cave bear and then used bravery to advance on the gibbering mouther thus saving the last villager. In time all the guards lay dead and the villager was rescued. Two encounters a turn is nasty but oddly the heroes did not cancel any, saving their cards just in case something devestating appeared. There seems to be no way of saving the villager from the cave bear unless you have the right item or power available.
Nine: Unknown Monster’s Lair. The Rage Drake; The two heroes advanced rapidly towards the chamber. This time the cleric disarmed the rolling ball trap. The Rage Drake and Phalargar’s Lair Event knocked the Paladin unconscious but the Cleric was able to kill the now enraged Drake on their turn using the Throwing Shield and a natural 20.
Ten: Treasure Chamber. The heroes stumbled upon the Treasure Chamber. However due to the Dragon’s Tribute card the chamber was bare with just three 100GP treasure piles. Ironically it turned out to be guarded by Asahardalon. The cleric’s Command spell moved Ashardalon onto a Blade Barrier and out of range of his breath attack. Both heroes were heavily wounded when they managed to kill the Dragon and collect enough treasure to exit. Having collected 1700GP on their way in through killing monsters before the environment card appeared it did not take long to collect the last remaining GP and race for the exit. Luckily the chamber was actually near to the exit, the map having curved round and they were both able to race off map without using any surges.
Eleven: The heroes now have almost every single useful treasure item and potion saved up ready to start the hunt for Ashardalon and the final battle. Also the boon cards which spped up the search. They made short work of the monsters and soon reached the chamber, though the Paladin had taken a fair bit of damage and used up a lot of healing powers and potions by then. Ashardalon’s lair was revealed and the heroes attacked. Having saved up all their xp they cancelled an annoying cave in and then a pit trap. The Kobold and the Legion Devils produced no real threat. Once again the Cleric used his Command power to move the Dragon onto the Blade Barrier and out of range of his breath attack. This allowed the two heroes to then slay the Dragon and complete the campaign.
Campaign Victory for the Cleric and the Paladin. A very powerful duo with lots of healing available and good AC. Not so sure it would be that easy with the weakling wizard or without the healing from the Cleric. Of all the powerful items the Elven Cloak seemed to help the most.

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Solo play using two player set up.  After repeated defeats solo I was able to heal the eagle using a two player set up.  Legolas, Beravor, Denethor with Aragorn, Gloin, Eleanor.

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Egric’s Saga

SAGA rules Dark Ages skirmish.  A Feast for Crows.

The Three Warbands fight over the village

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Unhappy King Charles

King Charles survived the onslaught of the New Model Army.  Whilst Cromwell and Fairfax were distracted by Royalist armies who dispersed when attacked his pamphleteers won the people of the South over to the cause.

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First game.  Steve volunteered to learn and played Yellow blocks.  Victory for black blocks due to Treachery in the battle on the road, South of Osaka.

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Solo play of an old classic. The SPI version of War of the Ring.
Initially all seemed to be going well for the Free Peoples. Gandalf led the forces of Rohan to the rescue of Minas Tirith after trapping Saruman within Isengard. The Dark Lord won when the Fellowship got spotted in Gorgoroth and Frodo put on the Ring and raced off to Mount Doom. Aragorn and Gimli were captured and dragged off to Barad Dur in chains. The Nazgul descended onto Frodo who failed to take the ring off. Despite the valiant sacrifice of his comrades and his own brave defence the Nazgul slew Frodo and took the ring to Sauron. In hindsight Frodo should have retreated to Minas Morgul and removed the Ring before venturing towards Mount Doom.

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Card Games night.
Bruce, Mike, Andy and Phil.
First up was Cloud 9, fun game with a balloon. Andy cleverly won after Phil took an early lead.
Next was Senator. Bruce cleverly won after Phil took an early lead.
Next up Phil and Andy played Lord of the Rings the Collectable Card Game whilst Bruce and Mike Midway. Both games looked very good and seemed interesting to play.
Finally all 4 played Musketeers. Bruce won after Phil took an early lead and made himself a target. Someone really has to have a word with him about this tactic.

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Solo game to learn the rules. Interesting game. Not that good solo. Gold blocks won by killing black commander on final phase of final turn.

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Mike, Andy, Bruce and Phil

Wrath of Ashardalon
In player order the following set out to defeat the Beholder: Fighter, Cleric, Paladin, Scout. The players worked well as a team. The fighter bravely led the way and the team were well supported by the Cleric. No healing surges were used and the players held back heir special powers for the final chamber, which was in fact quite small. Thus the Beholder and his minions were rapidly defeated.

Last Night on Earth.
In the first game the humans quickly found petrol and car keys and escaped. The second game took longer but somehow the humans survived just long enough for day to break and the villagers were all found and kept safe.

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Wrath of Ashardalon
Solo games
Fighter and Wizard attempted to take on the Beholder. However they had hardly entered the dungeon before they found hemselves hard pressed. The wizard kept using up healing surges. He fell prey to traps or monsters, even though he was usingmirror image. Reaching the final room with their daily powers used already the heroes failed to defeat the beholder.

Next the Paladin and the Cleric set out. They raced through the dungeon pursued by a horde ofmonsters. Sentry Guardians kept spawning more corridors and they actually reached the Horrid chamber with just one tile remaining. Holding back their special powers they were able to make short work of the Beholder whilst the Clerics blade barrier defended their rear against the pursuing foes.

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