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Osgiliath- Battle Report

How it all turned out.  A die was rolled and Andy played Evil and Phil Good.  The game started with Boromir, his Guard and Faramir with his Rangers amidst the ruins on the eastern edge, cavalry in the centre along the road and a Captain of Gondor with some warriors to the West.  There were two victory objective markers within relatively easy reach of Boromir and one possibly two closer to the Captain.  One last marker was firmly in Evil control to South East.   Thanks to Madril Good had very little trouble getting their reinforcements on table where they wanted them quickly.

Battle around the Round Tower

The Evil force advanced very rapidly using the Drummer special rule.  Gothmog, the Taskmaster and the Orc Captain led the Orcs and a Troll  towards the western objectives, claiming the southern one in the round tower ruin.  To the East Shagrat mustered the Mordor Uruk Hai in cover before advancing to attack Boromir.

Shagrat orders the Uruk Hai and the Troll to attack!

Evil suffered heavy attrition casualties from archery fire.  Even though the rangers often missed (failing to roll over 2 consistently) the Citadel Longbowmen (strength 3) and the sheer numbers of arrows against the relatively lesser armoured Uruk Hai and Orcs added up slowly.  Also Good was in more cover on the eastern flank as the objectives were placed by Good into defensive positions there.  The evil archers were less accurate and proved less effective against the better armoured Gondorians.

Gondor Knights and Warriors.

Gothmog’s arrival on the western flank was decisive.  The cavalry were pulled from their mounts and the Troll carved a bloody path through the infantry who dived into the cover of the buildings.   With a group of orcs in control of the round tower objective Gothmog advanced rapidly towards the second whilst his infantry cleared their own way in support and held off just two Gondor warriors in the round tower (the latter forced to using shielding in the hope that reinforcements would arrive before the Troll did).  The Gondor Captain was isolated, inneffective and trapped in a seperate ruin locked in a deadly duel with the Orc Captain.

Gothmog's charge crushes all in his path.

However to the East Boromir successfully held off Shagrat and the Troll whilst his Captain and the two remaining mounted Knights moved to support him.  Using his Might for Heroic Fights and combat rolls  plus the Horn of Gondor (Shagrat rolled a 3 for the courage test) and the Banner of Minas Tirith Boromir dealt wounds to the Troll and Shagrat whilst his men supported by deadly archery rallied to his aid.  Boromir’s Fight was 7 because of the Banner and on one crucial occasion he drew with the Troll and won the 50/50 deciding die roll.  This saved him as he was otherwise trapped!  Eventually the Knights arrived and Boromir slew Shagrat and the Troll.

Boromir challenges Shagrat and the Troll.

The number of Evil casualties had at this point reached Break point (about 36 Evil lost compared to 20 Good).  This was the turning point.  Up until now Evil were effectively in control of 3 victory markers.  With the necessity to take a Courage Test and with Shagrat dead on the eastern flank and the Orc Captain pinned in a deadly duel with the Captain of Gondor to the West the Orcs, Uruk Hai and remaining Troll fled the field.  With their low Courage rolls evil were dependent on their leaders to Stand Fast.  Only those near Gothmog and the Taskmaster could be relied upon.

Faramir and his rangers were rapidly advancing towards the third Good victory marker now held by Gothmog.  Gothmog, now dismounted climbed the ladder to attack the archers but incredibly was beaten in combat (both sides rolled 6) and fell off the ladder banging his mis-shapen head on a nasty rock just as Faramir leapt into the fray.  Gothmog’s brave lads driven on by the Taskmaster soon rushed to his aid and drove off the attackers but not before his pride was severely dented!  This was turning out to be a bad day for the Master of Battles.

Gothmog's day takes a turn for the worse as he falls off a ladder.

Incredibly those two isolated Gondorian warriors in the round Tower soon found themselves in possession of the victory marker with just one surviving opponent.  Just as the Troll was about to clamber up into the Tower to crush them it lost heart and fled!  Evil were now down to 25% as the Orcs and Uruk Hai scattered in cowardly retreat.  Interestingly the Good Force had now also reached 50% and was broken.  With much higher courage, leaders and a Gondor Horn player (+1 C) the Good force was not too concerned.  In any event a die was now rolled and the scenario ended immediately.  Evil were in control of two markers (by just one model within 8cm of each) whereas Good had managed to take control of 3 rather luckily just in the nick of time!  Victory for Good!  Mainly thanks to Boromir who finished heavily wounded and depleted of Might.

Boromir stands victorious, banner unfurled amidst the Ruins.

He clearly owed his success to both the Horn of Gondor and the Banner of Minas Tirith as well as the brave spirit of his allies.

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