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Saturday 7th February: Star Wars Imperial Assault   Leave a comment

Tonight we are planning to play the next mission in our campaign.


So far Darryl ( Mak Eshka Ray), Mike (Ghaarkhan) and Bruce (Fenn Signis) have taken on Phil’s Imperial Military forces.

In the first scenario Aftermath the Rebels were victorious and followed this up with a victory in Spice Job thus gaining the Chewbacca ally.   Next up was Viper’s Den.  This proved unlucky for the Rebels who sent the wookie to try and decode a really complicated console and then were caught completely unawares by the sudden appearance of General Weiss.  A first Victory for the Empire!

The next side mission planned is Viper’s Den and the open Story Mission is Fly Solo.

So far the Rebels have 50 credits in the bank and Chewbacca is an Ally.  Mak has 1xp and Bruce 2.  They are well equipped though: with Mak holding Disengage and Supply Network; Mike has Combat Coat, Rampage and a balanced hilt; whilst Bruce has Take Cover and a Medi-Kit.

The Empire has 0xp and 0 influence but is holding: Combat Medic and some other good cards.

The open side missions are Viper’s Den or Loose Cannon (Mak Eshka Ray).

Will post the outcome later.


Outcome:  The Wookie Ghaarkhan raced through the bar to the door behind which Han Solo was being held prisoner.  He opened the door and took heavy fire.  Solo ran straight for the exit and the Imperials could not pursue him fast enough.  Though the players did not win outright by opening the door they had gained a partial victory.

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Saturday 7th February: Catch up   Leave a comment

This is space for a catch up.

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