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Preparing for: The Darrowdelf   Leave a comment

Balin and his kin have entered the Long Dark of Moria. They pour out into the Darrowdelf, the ancient plaza and living quarters of Khazad Dum. Across the chasm lie the mine workings and rising to the Sound of the Drums in the Deep come the Goblins.

This battle will be fought using the MESBG rules and is taken from an old source book Shadow and Flame. It is the second in the campaign. I have substituted the chasm with a lava flow and a roaring icy stream, which meet underneath the bridge in a crashing roaring fall, mixing far in the depths below.

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Goblins   Leave a comment

New metal goblins.

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Easterlings   Leave a comment

Two new Easterling commanders.

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Preparing Egyptians and Hittites for To the Strongest   Leave a comment

It is 1274 BC. Rameses II of Egypt and Muwatalli II of the Hittite empire are fighting over control of Syria. This is the campaign that led to the famous battle of Kadesh.


In our apocryphal battle the two armies will face up near Kadesh but deployed for battle with equal forces. What if Rameses had been warned of the approach of the Hittites by his scouts and was ready for them?

One of the largest chariot battles in history shall take place at Kadesh near the banks of the Orontes River.

Each army will also have 3 hero counters.

The battle will be fought on a 6×4 table. Maybe my new gridded battle mat will arrive in time?

Edit: My new map arrived from Deep Cut Studios so all I need are an opponent!

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Thorin III and Dain   Leave a comment

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Gundabad orc banner   Leave a comment

Holding aloft the banner of dol guldur

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Painting update Gundabad Orcs   Leave a comment

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Painting update   Leave a comment

Finished some wood elf command figures. I just need to finish the bases. Painting with contrast paints and blue and green GW ink wash. VVV transfer to the flag.

Next I am trying something different. I had a Gundabad orc upgrade pack and thought I had best get round to using it . So I purchased some more orcs and used leadbelcher spray as a base then applied wraith bone primer by hand . Will it work ?

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Painting update Razgush and Muzgur Ravagers of the North   Leave a comment

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