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2020-02-26 11.20.54

2020-02-26 11.20.24


High elves, standard citadel paints with contrast paint for cloaks.  Picked up at a show and then re-painted to fit with my existing high elves.


2020-02-26 11.16.56

Helmingas Command

2020-02-26 11.18.56

Defenders of Helm’s deep.

2020-02-26 11.19.25

2020-02-26 11.19.15


Sons of Eorl

2020-02-26 11.17.58

Eowyn and Merry




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Saturday 24th February 2020: QMG WW2 and Ticket to Ride Team Asia   Leave a comment

Phil, Darryl and Bruce played as the axis versus Allies Alex and the two Mikes.

We used the new prelude cards which proved an interesting addition helping some nations get a start early with deployment and others such as Britain or Germany prepare some cards in readiness for war .

Then the war started . Italy created an African and Mediterranean empire whilst Germany and Russia faced off each preparing for war rather than fighting for a very long time .

Japan got quite a slow start whilst the British empire reigned supreme with both Africa and Australia and knocking Japan out of China.

America prepared for the later war and began to expand in the seas around the Pacific.

Eventually Italy knocked the British out of India and moved into France so as to allow Germany to concentrate on Russia and Japan on Britain.

Coupled with raking in most of the axis vp this proved too much for America who switched theatres rapidly to Europe.

Then America and Britain teamed up to destroy the Italian empire. This forced Italy to expand towards the Balkans and the Ukraine instead in support of Germany. Eventually Germany was able to take out Moscow but was exhausted in the effort to do so . The allies both landed in France and began hurting Italy with economic warfare . About thirty points told over the war with 27 from the USA right at the end when Italy was out of cards . That’s a lot of vp down.

However between them and plundering Russia and a resurgent Japanese the axis where just able to hang onto their middle game lead in the final turn . They never managed the thirty point vp gap win because of USA economic warfare but they did win on VP at the end of the final turn.

Was fun.

Next we played ticket to ride asia which is a team game . This was a great new twist on an old classic .

Two mikes got a nice long train route bonus and Alex and Darryl missed out on their last ticket when two mikes ended the game . However Bruce and Phil were able to complete the most tickets including a nice high scoring route to grab victory with the bonus points from the most tickets completed.

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Floi, Dwarf Lorekeeper

I was glad to see this back in stock but had to get a double box with yet another Balin (resin).  Never mind.

2020-02-13 15.19.36

Delgamar, the Corsair

2020-02-13 15.20.01

Raza  the Haradrim

2020-02-13 15.22.48


Golfimbul, Cirdan the Shipwright, Kurdush and Thrydan

2020-02-13 15.23.052020-02-13 15.22.092020-02-13 15.21.412020-02-13 15.21.11

Then two Orc Leaders

2020-02-13 15.20.32

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We played mansions of madness with Michael. Apparently he hardly ever loses . We soon fixed that stat for him with a difficult 5 star scenario. A nasty dark room and no light put paid to our plans . We protected the npcs well but at the cost of the team .

Next week we tried fury of Dracula again . This time it was Alex turn. With use of wolf form and sea routes he was able to escape the closing net twice . Darryl nearly closed I only to have an unexpected event be drawn and push him back . So victorious Alex .

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