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Tuesday 30th July: Ashigaru   3 comments

I have been painting up a unit of Plastic Ashigaru from the wargames factory to complement my Samurai forces.

samurai 002 samurai 003 samurai 004

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Saturday 15th June: Pax Porfiriana   Leave a comment

Pax Porfiriana

Andy, Mike, Phil and Darryl played Bruce’s new card game about Mexico under the great dictator.

Very nice cards and lots of interesting twists and turns.  We didn’t finish on our first try.

Next we played two games of Bluff.  Phil won the first and Bruce the second despite Darryl being seated to Mike’s left!


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Sunday 28th July: Azog the Defiler   Leave a comment

Painted up Azog on Foot and Mounted for the Azog’s Hunter’s Warband.
So now I am ready to finish the scenarios from the First Hobbit Movie: An Unexpected Journey.

azog 004 azog 002 azog 003

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Saturday 27th July: Star Wars X Wing and Flashpoint   Leave a comment

Andy, Phil, Mike, Darryl, James and Bruce gathered together to play two excellent games.


First up was Star Wars X Wing using James’ incredible collection. Phil, Mike and Darryl played the Imperials. Unfortunately Tactics failed them (especially Phil) and R2D2 kept fixing Luke Skywalker’s X wing just to add insult to injury. So Victory was claimed by the Rebel Alliance.

Next we played two games of Flashpoint which involved rescuing people from a burning house. Using the specialists made it possible after the house fell down on our first attempt.

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Saturday 13th July   Leave a comment

Bolt Action WW2 Skirmish


Andy’s Soviets defended the Town Hall against Mike’s Panzergrenadiers.

See the images here.

Rathaus 004 Rathaus 010 Rathaus 002

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Saturday 6th July 2013   Leave a comment

Tenchu: The Wrath of Heaven

Ninja vs Samurai  scenario using Muskets and Tomahawks rules and the scenario from Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy Issue 67.

Ninja 018 Ninja 020 Ninja 032

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