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Oathmark Snakemen painting update   1 comment

So having assembled the figures and spray painting green it was time to block paint. I used various browns added to granite brown or bestial brown neat for the leather harness which covers a lot of the figure.  Again I used bronze for the weapons and armour.  Red for the palate and bone white for the teeth.  Dark brown for the wood and base.  They always look very basic at this point.


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Mythic Battles Pantheon   Leave a comment

We learnt the rules and unboxed this game after all this time!  Turns out other people are Greek Myths fans too!

The learning scenarios went well and were lots of fun.  We seemed to have grasped the concepts now.  Ares won out on the night over Zeus but Heracles got to through some ruined columns.  The learning scenarios are more down to luck perhaps over the timing of the ampholos gathering but this game clearly has promise.  Enthused I have unboxed my expansion figures and put everything out in the large storage box in readiness for more Greek Themed Skirmish gaming.  The campaigns look like fun challenges.

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More Gloomhaven   Leave a comment

Darryl, Phil and Alex (Mind Thief, Beastmaster and Tinkerer played out a new scenario to further our gloomhaven campaign.  This time using the water breathing power they entered the ancient cistern.


Beastmaster tried a new angle, bringing along two summons in the first room (bear and tattered wolf) whilst Mind thief and Tinkerer raced forward.  As usual the oozes doubled up on their first card but the Tinkerer used his net which helped keep the now 4 oozes distracted.  Mindthief took on the regular Living Corpse.  The elite hit the tinkerer heavily and also the bear took a whole lot of damage (10 in one hit) from it and its regular co-monster.  The Tattered wolf died in one 2x hit from the regular just 1 turn after spawning which was incredibly frustrating for the beast master who was busy healing the bear at the time.  A nasty first room though was soon dealt with and after a rest onto the corridor quite quickly.  The brave Tinkerer opened the door and held the choke point against the night demons.  The bear and mindthief then rushed past and into the fray when they could.  Then the demons were dealt with but their disadvantage power coupled with the curses proved awkward.  With the Tinkerer securing the Treasure yet again it was onto the final room.

The party was quite tired by now and down to their last few cards.  They needed to get close to the pumps and use their bottom cards (which my 5 year old found hilarious as a concept) to stop the imps spawning and finish the scenario.  Here the beast masters ability to switch places really helped, allowing him to get his switch pressed just before running out of cards.  The monsters tried to block the choke point but the boots of jumping allowed the mind thief to get through whilst the bear just battered its way through clearing a route for the Tinkerer.   With barely one turn left each all three pumps were switched off and our heroes were victorious.

This was a level 2 scenario and the Tinkerer had collected some coins in the process and a nice item.  Back in the City our heroes stopped a bar brawl and donated to the sanctuary.  Not too much in the shop they want or can afford (Beast Master never moves so is quite penniless) but the card improvement bonuses our still some way out of their price league.


A good evening’s game.



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Painting Update   Leave a comment

Have assembled the Oathmark Snakemen plus the Heresy Demon I bought at Salute.  The snakemen took some time to assemble and came with annoying stand remnants under the feet like toy soldiers for some reason that I cut off.  I then sprayed them green after using white stuff on the gaps.  The Demon was not too bad to put together and I used white stuff again before spraying Demon red.  I also used a tiled base I got at Salute.  For the Snakemen I inted to try out my new Swamp basing gel.

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Saturday 14/04/2019: Batman   Leave a comment

We played the new Batman Gothic City Chronicles.  Bruce played the Villain with Bane and his Bomb Plot Crew in the Subway of the 1st scenario.  Mike, Alex and Darryl were Batman, Nightwing and Catwoman.  Catwoman dealt with Bombs whilst Nightwing drew their fire.  Meanwhile Batman used a gas grenade to clear a room and defuse a bomb.  Later Bane became venom injected and smashed Catwoman whilst Nightwing was recovering having taken heavy fire when caught out in the open.  Catwoman was chased into the final Bomb room by Bane and crushed.  Meanwhile Nightwing wounded Bane and then took out his henchmen clearing a path for Batman, pushing his limits to defuse the final Bomb on the final roll of the dice on the final 7th turn.  A close run thing.  It looked like Bruce had them on turn 5/6 but the heroes just managed to pull through as Bane’s Goons fumbled to set the Bomb timers over and over.




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Painting Updates: Otherworld Miniatures   Leave a comment

These were quite fun to paint and nice sculpts with not too much flash to deal with.  Pin and drill necessary for some joints for example lizard tails.

Two Minotaurs.

Painted Army Painter undercoat barbarian flesh.  Block in dark brown for leather and head/ hair and wood.  Vermin brown and bestial brown used for the head, hair and leather.  Flesh wash to skin.  A little bit of highlight with dwarf flesh.  Black watered down to the chainmail, highlighted with chainmail wet-dry brush.  Nuln oil black wash to chain mail and weapons.  Rust applied to great axe then some blood for the blood god.  Base brown and grey, then graveyard earth.  Nuln oil to grey.  Tufts applied.

Next up the Purple Wizard and the Medusa.  Red and Purple washed with Purple then highlighted.  Talarn flesh, flesh wash and Dwarf Flesh.

Dark green and black, some grey added for the dress.  Nuln Oil wash.  Dark Green for the Snakes and highlights.  Red eyes.  Brown sandals.

Wizard and Thief

Mainly black, highlighted with grey.  Flesh as above.  Maroon for the book cover, graveyard earth pages.  Dark brown highlighted with Bestial/ Vermin brown for the leather.  Chainmail metals.  A little burnished gold.

The Lizardmen.

Greenskin Armypainter. Similar paint were needed.   Highlighted with Scorpion Green.  Nuln Oil and Thraka Green washes used.  Red used for eyes.  Brown and skull white for leather and jewellery.   Bronze used for the Metals.  Lizardmen living in a Marsh might find Iron somewhat limited due to rust issues.  Thraka Green for verdi gris effects.  Attempted Marsh style bases.  Used dark brown and graveyard earth.  Varnished.  Then applied areas of Woodland Scenics Water (which I got in my eye and managed to wash out with water) for some shallow water, wet marsh earth effects and then applied scenic leaves and spring tufts.  Thraka green dotted into the dirty marsh water.  Varnishing first to avoid matte ruining the wet look from the water effect.

Finally, the Undead

Greater Zombie




Necrotic Flesh Spray undercoat and paint.  Strong Tone or Dark Tone (Ghouls) Wash.  Skull white bones.  Highlighted necrotic flesh.  A few touches of Bubonic Brown to Greater Zombie.  Blood for Blood God to the Ghouls to break up the colours and show them as having been digging up corpses, scattering and breaking bones to get at the marrow perhaps.  Paler Tufts.

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