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Egric's Warband

SAGA Rules from Gripping Beast

Our first play.

Scene One
Egric the Saxon Warlord has recently taken possession of some land on the border of Wales. With the Harvest safely gathered what better way to prepare for the coming winter than to lead his Warband against the Welsh and collect some livestock? Readying his trusty double handed axe he has headed out following the river valley towards a Welsh village he has heard is well provisioned with fine herds ripe for the plunder all gathered ready for for the forthcoming winter .

The local Welsh Lord, Aneirin however is not about to let hairy Saxons stomp about his lands and take his sheep. He has therefore led his own Warband to meet them. However his planned ambush has been betrayed by his evil cousin Meinir who has encouraged Egric to raid Aneirin’a lands.

Battle: A straight fight between Aneirin and Egric. Troops defeated in the battle will be able to bandage their wounds and recover ready for the final Scene. Either way Aneirin will be called to defend his village and Egric will pursue. The victor will be able to deploy last in the next scenario.

Scene Two: A Feast for Crows.
Meinir has been at it again. It turns out that he has also persuaded a band of vicious Angles led by Wuffa to attack the village whilst Aneirin and Egric are otherwise engaged. Delayed by storms at sea Wuffa arrives just as Egric and Aneirin arrive at the otherwise peaceful village. The forces will now fight it out and to the Victor the Spoils!

Egric: Two units of six levies (sling, javelin). One unit of 8 Hearthguard. One unit of 8 Warriors. Player: Mike.
Aneirin: Two units of six levies (sling, javelin). One unit of 4 mounted hearthguard. One unit of 6 mounted warriors. One unit of 10 warriors. Player: Andy.
Wuffa: One unit of 4 slingers and one of 10 javelins. One unit of 8 hearthguard and one unit of 8 warriors. Player: Phil.

In the first battle Egric’s Huscarles wounded Aneirin and his bodyguard who fled the field.

Aneirin's Charge

In the second battle Egric personally slew Wuffa using his trusty axe. This gave him the largest VP total and Victory. Aneirin paid tribute and the Saxons returned home with gold, sheep, cattle and swine to impress their folk. Thus they spent the winter in the Mead Hall feasting and recounting tall tales of their mighty victories against the Welsh and the Angles.

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