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Tumultu ad Molendinum or “Trouble at t’Mill”

Hail Caesar Scenario

Last week saw Riothamus and the Romans victorious over Hengest and Childeric.  Hengest suffered a wound and both Arvandus and Childeric fled the field.  The barbarian cavalry fled without striking any blows so were able to screen Hengest’s retreat towards Gallia Belgica.  There the remaining Saxons who survived the slaughter have been able to link up with Childeric and more Frankish reinforcements.  Riothamus and Arvandus lost contact with the defeated army having had to gather more infantry reinforcements following the loss of Arvandus’ Roman infantry during the battle.   Many Saxon and Frankish infantry however did not survive the pursuit having been scattered or slain in the vicious fighting and subsequent cavalry encirclement of the central battlefield. 

This time Childeric is clearly in the ascendency and Hengest has been reduced to the role of subgeneral.  The barbarians have mustered around an old Roman watermill lying alongside a pleasant river.  This mill and granary complex is well supplied with grain, food and weaponry stores (Frankish axes and heavy throwing spears having recently been shipped in and placed in the warehouse by the Romans).  Whilst the Franks and Saxons are enjoying the fine Gallic weather and taking part in bouts of martial profficiency with these new weapons their cavalry are out scouting.  Cunningly Arvandus and his Tribune of Scouts have led the Roman forces through a little known route and come upon the barbarians with swift and ruthless efficiency.

Realising what is happening as the Romans deploy for battle the Barbarians sound their warhorns and prepare for clash of arms.  Will their cavalry return in time?  Will they run away again as fast as they did last time?  Will Hengest gain his revenge on Arvandus for the wound received in personal combat during their last encounter or be able to settle old scores with Riothamus?  Will Childeric prove a superior commander?

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The Saxon Warband clashes with the Roman Shieldwall.

Hail Caesar

The Battle of Noviodunum

Mike and Andy played the Roman and British side against Phil’s Barbarian conspiracy.  Read the AAR on the Battle of Noviodunum page to see how it all turned out.

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Mansions of Madness

Mike (evil overlord) brought over his new game and Phil (Professor), Andy (alcoholic writer) and Bruce (Ashcan Pete) took on the starter scenario.  The team spent a great deal of time exploring every possible location and found themselves rapidly running out of time.  Finally they were able to discover the Named Maniac but an unlucky shotgun malfunction at the last minute allowed Mike to win as the crazed axeman had 1 hit point remaining as the house began to collapse around the hapless adventurers heads!

A great game, challenging and fun.  Everybody is looking forward to the next scenario.

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Castle Ravenloft

Andy (cleric), Phil(fighter) and Mike (ranger) entered the crypt. First scenario with young vampire went okay.

Second Adventure was to set out against the Dracolich. This was quite challenging. Ironically it turned out that the fighter was in a portal just as the ranger found the dracolich. So on his turn he appeared in the laboratory and destroyed the phylactery. With the cleric healing and the fighter and ranger inflicting damage the dracolich was heavily wounded when the fighter was ported back to the start. Then the poor dwarf was guided into a room and knocked unconscious by an encounter. Just as the fighter returned to the fray the ranger, now second level inflicted the killing blow.

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