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Lord of the Rings with Batttlefields expansion.

Phil, Mike and Darryl tried our hand at the new Battlefields expansion.  Well we’ve had it since 2006 but had never opened the box except to punch the counters.  Our group has not won a game of Lord of the Rings since 2004 using my set so things were not looking promising as our merry band headed out of Bag End, setting Sauron at Space 12.  This time though we had Gimli, Aragorn, Legolas and Boromir helping us out, so what could go wrong?

Pretty much everything.  It did not help that we forgot how to Defeat the monsters on the tiles but nevertheless we bravely struggled onto Shelob’s Lair, feeling quitely confident.  Unfortunately events occured incredibly quickly and Darryl’s Pippin died due to a lack of a joker or 3 shields almost immediately despite holding 6 cards at the ready and being in good health.  Oops!

So we set out again with Sauron on Space 14.  This time we were ready with our jokers when we arrived in Shelob’s Lair.  However Shelob soon attacked and Phil’s Pippin, followed by Darryl’s Frodo were soon corrupted to the dark side.  Phil had 11 incredible cards but lacked shields to call Gandalf so did not even get a go as events overtook him whilst he slept! Every card Sam and Frodo drew but one turned proved to be an Event! Sam was then horribly devoured by Shelob and Sauron was victorious, yet again.

Next time we will win, I am sure!

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