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Conan King Pledge Painted   Leave a comment

Painted the final tray of my Conan set.

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Corsair Bosun and captain   Leave a comment

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Fighting Uruk Hai Command   Leave a comment

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Rangers of Shadowdeep   Leave a comment

Mission Two

Our heroes Link and Gwalchmai with their Companions sneak through the Barbican and enter the first room. No Panter of course as he did not survive the battle across the bridge. Forewarned by the Vulture the Shaman and his two guards are ready. A curse is cast but Link is able to resist. Whilst Gwalchmai casts an enchanted blade on Link’s 2 handed-sword Birdo and the Swordsman distract the guards. This allows Link to take on the Shaman and with one blow (critical) he cuts him down. They make short work of the guards and enter room 2 within the required time.

This room is a torture room. The heroes advance as fast as they can but are held back by the guards and the narrow spaces between the tables. This allows the Orc Sergeant to attack the unarmed soldier and cut him down. Then Gwalchmai casts weakness on him and Link attacks him. Gwalchmai and Swordsman take nasty wounds in the melee but once again our heroes defeat the enemy and enter the third room in time.This is a store room.

Whilst Gwalchmai and the Swordsman hold off the guards Link, Recruit and Birdo rush off towards the piles of treasure. Gwalchmai yet again takes a heavy wound and falls to the ground, Swordsman soon following. Link and his cohort grab the treasure and then finish off the enemy whilst the Recruit races up the tower steps to open the final door in time.

Fortunately Gwalchmai, Swordsman and Dog are all okay and easily heal up for the final fight. Recruit stays behind to guard the rescued soldiers.

The Tower

Link and Birdo head towards the enemies whilst Gwalchmai enchants Link’s sword and weakens the Shadow Knight. They see distant green watch towers alight whilst they fight.

Once again Link strikes a critical blow on the shadow knight and defeats him in two strikes with his magically enhanced two handed sword. Birdo is wounded and a fight ensues on the walkways. However they are soon victorious and rescue the final soldier before lighting the warning beacon. They make a hasty retreat and head out picking up the two soldiers on the way out.

From the treasure a magic two handed sword is found for Gwalchmai and Link is able to obtain some training for his Dog. Both Main characters are now level 3 and a new Conjuror has joined Gwalchmai’s list of companions.

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Sunday 13 September: Rangers of Shadowdeep   Leave a comment

The adventure continues. Scenario Two: Orcs defending a bridge and an Orc Camp.

Our heroes need to cross the river and exit from the other side. They can investigate the camp on the way. They can use stealth and cover to avoid the Orcs until the alarm is raised. Cover blocks line of sight in this scenario where possible- our heroes crouching and being stealthy until the alarm is raised.

Link stealthily headed right supported by Gwalchmai. Panther went left whilst the others kept to cover. Link’s stealth caused the archers to look towards the river rather than the see our heroes.

Gwalchmai used his teleport spell to cross the river and hide behind the ruin. Meanwhile the Orcs clearly suspecting some activity (randomly) headed towards the ford where Link, Birdo the Man at Arms and Bobby the Recruit were all heading. Panther headed far left and the heavily wounded Swordsman kept to cover in the now clear central route.

Link raised the alarm by attacking but failing to subdue the Orc Sergeant who dealt him 9 damage with a blow from his two handed sword.

Gwalchmai grabbed the treasure secretly but then found himself in the open as the alarm was raised by the Sergeant. Two orcs rushed at Gwalchmai. A bitter battle near the ford ensued with both Bobby and Birdo falling in the fight against the sergeant. Panther pushed an orc archer into the fast flowing river: but he held his footing and shot an arrow killing the big cat.

In the end though Link with Swordsman’s aid was able to defeat the sergeant and evade the orcs to cross the ford to the camp where he and Gwalchmai found a book of poems. Then under a hail of arrows the three heroes escaped. Under cover of darkness Birdo and Bobby joined them, but the evil vulture had surely spotted them. They bound their wounds successfully and rejoined the resting War Dog of Link and headed towards an evil looking tower.

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Conan painting update   Leave a comment

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Saturday 12 September Gloomhaven sulfur mine   Leave a comment

We found the map to the sulfur mine early on in our campaign. We never did it thinking we would wait until we had the scoundrel to loot all those chests.

Now that our team comprises scoundrel, bladeswarm , brute and diviner it seemed a good opportunity to warm up our new characters.

It was a good challenge with the bladeswarm having some bad luck with his summons who seemed to get killed needlessly. The Brute had a rough time upon entering the second main corridor. The scoundrel looted a record ten coins.

The diviner at last had lots of fun with her rift tokens as now they can be moved and used to attack. Plus they dealt out some nice curses blesses and one occasion proved very valuable in this scenario by teleporting the blAdeswarm into the penultimate room.

The bladeswarm went first into the last room and finished on one hit point but in the end had looted three of the necessary chests . The Brute pushed the annoying shaman onto a trap thus leaving him easy prey to the bladestorms attack.

The team scored a victory and with just one more technology required are headed to the clockwork cove. We can expect less use of Summons this next time perhaps .

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Saturday 5th September: Blue Max and Downforce   Leave a comment

We played some games of Blue Max and Downforce. Phil, Alex, Bruce, Darryl and the Two Mikes. Was good. Lots of shooting downs and burning planes in the first. In the second Phil came first and won in the first race and then Darryl did the same in the second (despite his betting on Alex).

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Painting   Leave a comment

Lots of painting but no photos to show yet.

Have completed my Hobbit hole and taken a big chunk out of my unpainted Conan Boxes figures.

So far done lots of heroes, monsters and pirates, picts and hyenas are all ready.

Just the guards and some characters left really now plus the camel and the terrain pieces to finish off.

Photos to follow…

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Gloomhaven   Leave a comment

A big push on our Gloomhaven campaign. We unlocked 2 new characters with envelope X and previously Forgotten circles. We are playing on TTS now for obvious reasons.

We got the team together for the final Gloom scenario which was good. We then did some adventuring with the team: Doom, Sun, Diviner and Brute. We mainly focused on getting Sun finished with the Envelope X personal goal quests which was tough. We did the final one last night and that was lots of fun and a great challenge. Doom nipped in and out to grab the last chest whilst the two tanks were completely beaten down to their last hit points. Brute would have exhausted on a start tile if we had not finished on turn 11 of 12. Definitely one of my favourite scenarios ever. Doom was so busy grabbing chests and even doing some tanking he hardly actually got to use his Dooms or the prepared Doom trigger effect cards he had prepared.

Any way we now have a new class unlocked and Alex has chosen to take a Scoundrel who has not really been used, so we started him another one from scratch. So oddly we now have X, Diviner, Scoundrel and Brute ready to go off adventuring.

I think a warm up with a Sulfur mine and then we need to get going again with the Diviner Quests from Forgotten circles.

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