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The Battle of Din Eidyn (modern Edinburgh)

Cunedda, Prince of the Gododdin has intercepted a force of Saxons and Picts who have raided Bryneich (Bernicia) and now threaten his own lands.  He has appealed to his fellow Britons from over the wall and the men of Elmet have come to his aid from the fortresses at Eburacum and Cataractonium.  As a cold harsh easterly blows through their ranks, fluttering the British Dragon standards unfurled in defiance the Britons stand together as the raiders advance under a grey sky.  The Saxons are led by their Cyning, Aelle and the Aetheling Octha.

The Kingdom of Gododdin was a Roman influenced British Kingdom North of the Wall in modern Lothian, with its capital at Din Eidyn (Edinburgh).  It was a wealthy Kingdom that thrived in the Late Roman and post Roman period.  Famed for its proud warriors and poetry they are best known as the subject of the 6th-century Welsh poem Y Gododdin, which memorializes the Battle of Catraeth (Cataractonium) and is attributed to Aneirin.

Cunedda, legendary founder of the Kingdom of Gwynedd in north Wales, is supposed to have been a Manaw Gododdin warlord who migrated southwest during the 5th century.  It is the subject of conjecture but the Romans had a great tradition of transferring successful warrior peoples to parts of the Empire that needed defending against barbarians; in this case North Wales against the Irish.

Traprain Treasure

Scenario for Clash of Empires:

A 2500 points  a side Battle.

Geraint, A Prince of Dumnonia

The Old North

The Old North

The Battle

The battle takes place within the Kingdom of Gododdin.  Cunedda has deployed his force defending the Roman Road from Bernicia to Din Eidyn (modern Edinburgh).  The Saxons advance eager for battle.  VP’s will be awarded in the usual way.  The Saxons must achieve at least a marginal victory before game end.  That is at least above 10% of opponents score.  The game will end when one side reaches break point and the army withdraws (fails ML test).  The game will also end at the end of any turn after session end as darkness will have fallen forcing the troops to return to camp.  A draw is considered a British Victory as more allies from over the wall will be arriving to bolster the men of Gododdin’s defences at Din Eidyn.  With a Decisive Victory the Saxons will be able to demand great tribute, raiding the fertile lands of modern Lothian before retiring back to their ships.  With a Decisive British Victory the  Saxons will be forced to pay tribute and make oaths of fealty, supported by the transfer of hostages and have to fight elsewhere next year, for example  in well defended Gaul and Spain.  With a crushing Victory the victors could look forward to years of relative peace and prosperity enjoying the spoils of victory.
Army Lists: DinEidyn

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