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Tuesday 29th October   Leave a comment

Dwarven Forge has arrived…

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Saturday 19th October: Lord of the Rings; Friends and Foes   Leave a comment

Andy (Fatty), Mike (Frodo), Phil (Pippin)l, Bruce (Merry) and Izzy (Sam) played Lord of the Rings: Friends and Foes.

The game started roughly with lots of foes appearing quickly and Sam having to use his special ability even before they left Bree.   However the party were able to bypass Moria travelling through the Gap of Rohan to Isengard.  Ringbearer Sam picked up a few items from the Elves and then they went to Isengard.  Again they survived with a clever use of Frodo’s determination enabling them to complete travelling and find  pipeweed thus thwarting Saruman’s evil plans.  Again they decided to bypass Helm’s deep defeating Foes and next was Shelob’s Lair.

Things looked almost promising as we climbed the stairs but as usual whenever I play all we drew at Shelob’s Lair were Event tiles and so the board was quickly over before the Hobbits had a chance to move.  Now the heavily corrupted party were perilously close to Sauron (except Merry who seemed to be playing the friendly version of the game).  As this unfolded they realised that only four foes remained with just 2 hidden and a Military Victory seemed easier than the Mordor board if Event tiles were to keep being drawn with such frequency.  So Merry and Fatty heroically defeated all they could and then as the Party entered Mordor with Sam bearing the Ring he dispatched the final Foe and the heroic hobbits scored a Military Victory.  None of the Hobbits had been lost (though Fatty was just one space away) and the final score was 87.

This was only the second time ever we had defeated the game using my set; the last being in 2004!

Next we played a good game of Cutthroat the card game.  Mike won (as usual) but only just:  he had completed 12 correct bids, Andy 11 and Phil 10 with the scores awarding him for this accuaracy.  Andy was unlucky in the last round allowing Mike to steal the lead back and claim Victory!

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Saturday 21 September: Escape, Fishy and Hearts   Leave a comment

Andy, Mike, Phil and Izzy played some fun games. We even managed to escape from the temple on our final attempt.

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Saturday 14 September: Ronin   Leave a comment

We played our first game of Ronin rules. The Sohei monks against the Bushi.

You can see the images and the scenario details here.

In brief the Sohei defeated the Bushi and enjoyed the Sake wine.  They seemed quite powerful.

Roninassortedcat 017 assortedcat 023

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