Goblin Town: Escape and Breakout   3 comments

We played two scenarios from the main rulebook using the figures from the Escape from Goblin Town Box set and some extra bits for the walkways.

Andy and Phil played Evil whilst Darryl and Mike played the Good Heroes from Thorin’s Company (excepting Bilbo of course).

In the first scenario (pictured above) the Dwarves were unarmed and therefore slow to advance.  They chose to strike out for their weapons first.  Though they achieved their goal and were soon armed and deadly a huge number of Goblin Re-inforcements had blocked their exit routes making it impossible for them to reach the exit within the remaining 5 turns.  The Goblins were therefore victorious.   I wonder if the Dwarves have ever won this scenario?

In the Second scenario there was no time limit and no Goblin Scribe.  The Dwarves split into two groups.  One was led by Thorin and the other by Gandalf.  The rickety walkways and platforms certainly caused some tension.  The Dwarves made short work of the Goblin Hordes.  In the centre Grinnah’s warriors were eventually worn down.  To their right Gandalf and Dwalin dealt with the Goblins but ran into the Goblin King.  His thick rubbery hide proved impervious to all weapons save Gandalf’s Glamdring.  Though re-inforcements were arriving they were too few to hold the Dwarves back and eventually they made it to safety though Gloin was lost, having been thrown off a narrow platform by the Goblin King.  Doubtless he would be rescued by brave Bilboand be ready for the next scenario.

Posted March 17, 2013 by wargamesdiary

3 responses to “Goblin Town: Escape and Breakout

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  2. Wow! That looks incredible! It looks like a Weta workshop mock-up!

    • Thanks Veeware. I am glad you liked it. Think I need to make more levels with ramps and ladders at different heights to get the best out of it but your kind words will keep me going. Also Andy has some ideas to make some more wooden walkways using wooden bits which will help.

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