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What Figures and Terrain lie undisturbed in boxes awaiting painting and construction?

Updated April 2022

That leaves the Following still need to be done: 

Ham and Jam- Figures; partly done (Winter 2014)

Moria Goblins, metal done, just a few plastic I don’t really need so won’t get done.

Orc Command

British Infantry Box Set WW2

British and German Metal WW2 Blisters (mostly done Winter 2014)

Smaug the Dragon

Balin™, King of Moria™ (got lots of this one already so likely won’t bother)

Oil Drums

Conan various Add ons and box set 2022.

More 15mm Napoleonic Austrians – Cavalry, Grenadiers and Limbers

Terrain (not looking like they will get done soon)

These need construction first:  hence the delay

Round Tower

Pegasus Bridge

Terrain painted

Forgeworld Resin Weathertop!

Hobbit hole

Ruined Round Tower-Weathertop style –

Dol Guldur

The following are now painted:


Painted Spring 2015

Gundabad Ocs and Captain, Mirkwood Guard, Bard the Archer, Master of Laketown.

Painted in 2018

Radagast on chariot

DÁIN on boar

Gundabad Ogres, Berserkers and lots of Iron Hill Dwarves.

Iron Hills Chariot

Thranduil on Elk

Samurai: Plastic and Metal (Painted Spring 2015)

Barrels Out of Bond

Medieval Knights (painted December 2017 to total of 6)

SAGA Warband Jomsvikings (painted)!

Starting characters for Gloomhaven

Painted in 2019

Heroes of Gondor

Orc with skull and Gothmog enforcer

Warriors of Dale (painted to double up as Militia)

Thranduil x 2 versions is now out of box and glued together

Lake Town

Cart (assembled)



Dungeon Heroes


Dungeon Terrain

Orc Trackers

Marsh Spectres


Ranger Officer

Mirkwood Cavalry


Picts for Conan

Painted in 2020

Painting update-finished miniatures

Elfhelm Rohan Hero Foot and Mounted

Rangers of the North

Painting update

Kardûsh the Firecaller

Flói Stonehand

Bilbo Baggins

Hobbit Personalities

Hobbit Militia and Shirrifs of the Shire
Golfimbul Foot & Mounted
Bandobras “Bullroarer” Took Foot & Mounted

Painting: Hobbits and Dunlendings


Éowyn & Merry

Grimbold and Helmingas Command
Sons of Eorl

Thrydan Wolfsbane

Raza and Dalgamar

Goroth and Zagdush Orc Captains

Gandalf the Grey  on Cart

Rohan™ Outriders

High Elves with spears

Iron Hills Dwarf Crossbowmen

Grishnakh and Snaga

Helm Hammerhand

Rohan™ Watchtower and Palisades

Teutonic Knights

Cave Drake

Haldir’s warriors with swords

Warriors of the Fiefdoms

Gandalf Mounted

Rohan House

German: PAK 40, Heavy Mortar

British: 6 pounder, Vickers MG

Frostgrave Wizards

Late Roman (Garrison) Artillery

Legolas (the Hobbit)

Drizzt (Gale Force 9) Drow Ranger

Gandalf the Grey Foot

LR Archers

Dead Troll

Conan King Pledge Kickstarter (finished all the trays as of September 2020).

15mm Napoleonic Austrians

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