Osgiliath   1 comment

The ruins of this once proud centre of learning now form the focus for this fight.

A Scenario for LoTR SBG taken from the Gondor in Flames sourcebook.


The battle is fought across the ruins of Osgiliath.   The Rangers of Ithilen supported by Boromir and his Tower Guard enter from the Northern edge whilst Gothmog and his force from Minas Morgul enter from the South.


The Forces

Each force starts with only half of its models on the battlefield, which is the 48 inch square part of the table South of the river Anduin.  The rest arrive anywhere on the Northern (Gondorian forces are using small boats or pontoons) or Southern edge.

Boromir and Faramir lead a combined force of Rangers, Gondorian infantry and Knights.   A warrior of Gondor sounds his Horn, its mournful note being heard acoss the field of battle stirring the heart of all the Men of Gondor (+1 Courage).  Gothmog leads a warband of Orcs and Mordor Uruk Hai, driven on by Taskmaster’s whip and the beat of the Mordor Drum.  These allow possible free heroic actions and a bonus 8cm move respectively.  He also has two mighty Mordor Trolls.

The Forces of Gondor

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