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Steel Blaze is down again!
The Abbess’s quarters

Our heroes headed to the abbess’s quarters in search of final clues. This was a tough fight as gnolls burst out of a secret door and ambushed Steel Blaze and Gwalchmai . Both heroes were knocked out due to multiple attacks rolling high 20 . Even Gwalchmai’s parry could not save him as he tried to defend Dark Tom.

Meanwhile Link and his crew investigated the remaining clues and rooms . By a miracle Gwalchmai was healed and with Link’s help Tom was saved and the gaols defeated. With the riddle solved it was onto the courtyard with the decanter and escape.

The courtyard and the way out

The courtyard was the way out and Link with the decanter needed to escape by one of the exit points. Gwalchmai knocked his magic arrow and scored a critical hit on the flying terror across the yard. Steel Blaze and the others blocked the monsters and provided cover for Link and Dark Tom and Emilia used their magic powers to good effect.

With the final mighty terror defeated by Link he then headed for the exit and escaped with the decanter. Our heroes had made it and successfully completed the campaign!

They are now level 8 and ready for further adventures in the shadow deep.

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More scenarios completed over the last few weeks. Completed the last mission and started the burning light campaign.

The last campaign finished with the dramatic scenario Last stand where link and the heroes defended some civilians hiding in a ruined chapel aided by some guards against an evil onslaught. Link fought off the Trolls but was badly wounded in the process. Thankfully he recovered for the next campaign.
Next mission was the Burning Light. Gwalchmai, Link , Birdo, Steel Blaze, Dark Tom, recruit Bobby and Dog all set out to investigate the Monastery of Saint Emilia . Their task is to regain the relic known as the Decanter. In the first scenario they entered via the ruined chapel wall and headed towards the courtyard fending off undead. Recruit Bobby fought well using his Boneblade.
A strange missed erupted from the central fountain after DarkTom used a fireball to thin the ranks of undead. It proceeded to fill the whole yard with a mist that hindered visibility.
In the yard they found a clue which they believed led them to the Herb store . There they found a dark root vine plant which they had to deal with. Link carved mighty blows towards its centre k
The ground floor was flooded and defended by two giant water snakes. Gwalchmai and Link headed to the island to deal with them. From there Gwalchmai swam to investigate a book case and the others fought off an all to real shadow knight.
Next they ran up the stairs to investigate the top floor. They found some more clues and rescued Emilia the Novice Nun serving at the sanctuary. They fought off some blood bats and Steel Blaze took a lot of damage from these.
From there it was time to investigate the main building proper which starts with the infirmary. Horrid cocoons covered all the beds and the whole room was filled with webs which hindered movement greatly.
Apart from some useful healing potions they did not find much here. They had to fight off waves of giant spiders. Steel Blaze was badly poisoned and appeared dead but Emilia was able to stabilise him and with her and Gwalchmai casting healing spells he made a complete recovery . From here they will take a look at the Abbess’s quarters up the stairs.

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