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Painted Conan figures   Leave a comment

Wolves, Earth Demon and Sabretooth Tiger

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Frodo Sam and Gollum   Leave a comment

Yet more versions of these guys . Contrast paints awaiting next basing session .

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Moria Blackshield warband   2 comments

A Moria Goblin Blackshield warband. Painted with grey wolf skin cloaks as white wargs are supposed to be rare and white cloaks are not really goblin like . After a short time a white fur cloak in the dark of Moria on a goblin would soon enough be grey.

Legion black armour. Military green skin . Basilica Grey cloaks highlighted with grey then toned down and shaded with basilica grey . Leather brown leather . Highlight steel the armour . Black Templar shaded the shields before gluing into place. Bases with gw technical grey base paint. Bones with skeleton horde then skeleton bone. Drum with gulliman flesh and Kislev flesh then washed and toned down brown.

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Frosthaven has arrived   Leave a comment

So I have punched it out (2 hours at least), read the rules, downloaded the apps (the official ones) and watched the videos.

So all good to go. Next I need to find some opponents- and probably win the lottery so I have time to actually play it!

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Saturday 21/1/23   Leave a comment

Firefly the card game again. Darryl showed us his card game again. We played for a long time. Bruce tried to win so got beat down. No end in sight so we stopped.

This gave us time to create some characters for The One Ring which I really hope we can play some time soon. I have created a character for Mike too and prepared the first scenario of the campaign.

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Villagers   Leave a comment

Some villagers suitable for middle earth such as Bree, or the renaissance period or any suitable setting.

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Elven painting update   Leave a comment

Glorfindel Lord of the West and Elrond.

Decided to give this version blonde hair as I already have dark haired versions for some variety. Basing will follow next basing session.

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New Years Eve games   Leave a comment

First off labyrinth with Link and Izzy. Link won! Open card variant.

Next up Mysteries of Old Peking.

Link guessed wrong and Izzy and me both knew the answer but she pipped us to the post and won !

Interspersed with these board games it was time for Hero Kids with Link. Brave Chris assisted by Kevin the Hunter found themselves in the midst of the village when it was struck by a maelstrom of fire. Kevin rescued a girl using his trusty rope, they then healed injured villagers giving up their healing potion. Finally Chris tried to smash through the door to the bell tower to raise the alarm and Kevin tried to strike the bell with arrows but both failed. Finally Kevin picked his way through the burning debris and rang the bell calling for aid.

Whilst the villagers struggled with the magic fires our heroes saved the apothecary shop from some thieving bandits. Finally they discovered the fire starter and persuaded her to put out the fires. True to their word they kept the girl’s identity secret. She may join them on a future adventure.

Well done Link!

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War of the Ring card game   Leave a comment

Learnt the rules by playing half the 2 player scenario solo. Should be fun especially as a 4.

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December painting update   Leave a comment

The new Gondor style ruins box completed.

Glorfindel completed. Elrond started.

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