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Saturday 10th September: Quartermaster General   Leave a comment

A new player called Michael joined us for two good games of Quartermaster General.

First game:  Phil Russia, Mike USA and Bruce UK, played Darryl Japan, Alex Germany and Michael Italy.   The two western powers concentrated on Japan leaving Russia to fend for itself.  Russia seemed to be doing so well he also helped against Japan and then fell foul of Alex’s blitzkrieg into Moscow!  The VP’s kept piling on for the Axis and even with Russia soon back in the game it was too much too late from the Allies.  Axis victory at turn 20, well played.


Second game:  Alex Russia, Phil USA, Darrl UK, played Michael Japan, Bruce Germany and Mike Italy.  This time USA started out strong in Schezuan holding up Japan a little while.  Russia held off the Axis Eastern front whilst UK and USA fenced on the Western Front which was then heavily fortified.  Eventually the UK got into North Africa thanks to lots of lend lease from the USA.  This depleted the USA a fair bit allowing Japan eventually to conquer the seas and create a nice VP empire but US and UK held onto the mainland VPs for most of the game.   Eventually USA got into the Mediterranean and invaded Italy; though with a depleted draw pile (lots of lend lease, use of radar and economic warfare took its toll).  The VP’s proved to be moving too fast for the Axis once Italy fell and the game ended a little early with an Allied Victory at this point.  Well played Allies.

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July and August 2016   Leave a comment

A quick belated catch up.  Over the last few weeks have played the games listed below.  Mike, Darryl, Bruce and Alex joining in as much as possible.


Fortune and Glory: The Cliffhanger Game

Bruce’s new game in which we   beat the evil Nazi’s in a co-operative game.   Great game.

Mansions of Madness: Second Edition

We sort of made it onto the boat but Phil and Alex got left behind (sadly).

Star Wars: Imperial Assault

The Empire struck back and it hurt badly.  Probably should have left Skywalker behind in retrospect.  Darryl was happy though!

Mansions of Madness: Second Edition

We made it just about but were too slow to stop the ceremony (of course).

Ticket to Ride

Bruce showed us how to play this classic game: winning easily in the end by holding the best tickets.

Love Letter: The Hobbit – The Battle of the Five Armies

Always fun.

The Hobbit

The Smaug/s mountain one.  Phil won this one by being the greediest dwarf!

Star Wars Rebellion:  Darryl introduced us to the new game with 2 unfinished games of SW Rebellion over 2 separate sessions.   Certainly enjoyed them and we realised just how many options there are and that its important to know what the other side can do with at least the starter mission cards before setting out.


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