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Wrath of Ashardalon

Solo quest.

Elven Paladin attempted Quest One, A day in the life of Hero. Just as everything seemed to be going well our Hero found the Tunnel exit guarded by the evil Kobold. Dragonlord. With just one blow the Paladin inflicted Four wounds and victory seemed close. However the Kobold seemed to hit with every strike and a series of traps, poisons and a cage rapidly used up our Heroes surges whilst her own attacks incredibly missed time after time, despite using powerful gloves and a staff! Defeat.

This time the Half Orc Rogue and Dragonborn Wizard decided to find Roghar’s Gear. The rogue began with a flying carpet which proved interesting. Together they were ale to delve deep into the dungeon. Defeat seemed close when they fell prey to a Grell ambush just before the vault containing the gear. They had used one surge and both were just on one single remaining life point. Both however used their daily powers and with some amazing luck managed to defeat their foes. They also were able to level up, one by drawing a tome, the other by rolling a 20. This gave them more hit points and an extra daily power to use to destoy the remaining monster. With plenty of xp saved up for the end they discarded any difficult encounters and retrieved the gear for Roghar.

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