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Battlestar Galactica

Mike, Daryl, Phil, Bruce and Andy tried out the new Exodus expnsion. Before the sleeper phase the unified crew travelled no less than 6 distance. Mike was Admiral, Andy CAG and Darryl the scheming President. Phil was the engineer and Bruce the heroic pilot.

However it soon turned nasty when an explosion occured in hangar bay and the President identified Bruce as a cylon when both he and the engineer where in Sickbay. The engineer executed Bruce using her firearm.

Bruce returned even more deadly than before and took charge of The Cylon Fleet. The players then drew seven no vote cards in a row suffering badly and struggled to repair the increasing damage on galactica. Also resources especially fuel and morale were dwindling fast. All the pilots and vipers were returned to base but with command and hangar bay damaged could not be launched again. Unopposed the raiders struck! Soon after Galactica suffered a sixth damage token and the players lost. Mike and Bruce claimed victory as the Cylons.

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