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Battlestar Galactica

An unusual 4 player game.  Darryl, Phil, Andy and Bruce played as Mike sadly had to drop out.  To begin all players were clearly human.  Bruce was the Admiral and Phil the President.  The Admiral was incredible and soon had us on six travel points without a scratch.  Phil had amassed a lot of Presidential Quorum cards but they all involved losing morale which was getting low any way in order to gain something else.  The team arranged to have Fuel just in red ready for the sleeper phase in order to get the friendly pro-human sympathiser (Bruce).  Incredibly no Cylon attack cards came at all.  Bruce checked Darryl’s card and stated he was human.

After the sleeper phase it seemed everyone was still human.  The cards kept putting the Admiral in the Brig so Andy took over as Admiral but we only needed another two travel and had started half way up the track because of the Lion’s Head nebula.  In any event when trouble came it did not last long because the team fired up the engines and jumped!  So the Cylon had to bide their time.  Phil began to worry he had forgotten to put one in the deck.  Then when the attacks came the ships took a lot of damage but fortunately Pegasus soaked some up.  Also the Admiral had repair skills and Phil used Exec Orders to keep things going only to get criticised for not using Quorum Cards (which would only really have lowered morale or transferred the Admiral card)!   It became clear there was a Cylon out there from the dubious card plays but who was it!?  And why were they hiding for so long.

Finally someone decided to Exec Order Darryl despite everyone’s protestations and he duly revealed as a Cylon hitting us with more morale loss.  However we had plenty of fuel, population and a newly repaired FTL so the team jumped and Galactica was home!  Hurrah!

Playing with 4 was fun and interesting but perhaps not so challenging.  Being able to manipulate the sleeper phase to get a friendly sympathiser is kind of harsh on the Cylon player as there is only one in the deck.  Still the cards were incredible and the distances travelled amazing with two 3 cards for distance coming up.  Fuel, morale and even food were getting low by the end even with all that in the humans favour.  Congratulations for the humans and thanks to Darryl for being such a sport and keeping everyone guessing until the end.

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