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Six player BSG. Bruce, Darryl, James, Phil, Andy and Mike.
The Fleet was off to a bad start and got hit by multiple Basestar Cylon Attack Cards right from the start. Also they never even seemed to pass the easiest of tasks. The pilots were not the most effective (Andy and James) and were heavily outnumbered and outgunned. Andy had a knack of destroying the Assault Viper and then the Vipers (reckless PC). This almost destroyed the carrier fleet by the end! Admiral Phil eventually exec ordered Bruce the Engineer into jumping with the FTL (was broken). He had it tactically planned but Bruce’s die rolls are legendary (one) setting the scene for every crucial human die roll to follow. Leaving 3 population behind they managed to jump straight into another Cylon Fleet. That kept happening.

So before they knew it the humans were in the red in every category and they were playing mutineer (Bruce) not sympathiser so that was no use! Mike was the new Baltar and Darryl was President Elena Tighe (treachery). Things went from bad to worse. Then James worked out Andy was a Cylon (honest) and put him in the Brig. However Andy refused to die in the brig and become a Cylon so that nobody trusted James. The humans still kept losing resources and getting battered by Cylons. They eventually jumped and the sleeper phase began. More Cylons?

The humans did manage to permanently destroy one base star and get 8 distance but fuel was really low with no scouts left to send out. Andy was still protesting his innocence and Darryl was a very ineffective President. So the Admiral declared Marshall law and with his trusty allies James and Bruce tried to make progress. Mike was trusty too but they just weren’t sure who the Cylon was. Could Andy have been truly innocent? Then James was a traitor? No! It was James, Phil and Bruce who just about saved Galactica from that Centurion who made it to the penultimate space on the track. James got him in the end just before he would have moved again! So surely these were the good guys? Or were they?

Any way the tests just got harder and harder and the resources kept dropping until the humans drew a card that meant at least one resource would definitely go to zero and it was all over.

It turned out Andy was indeed a Cylon and was using a new tactic to confuse everyone. The other Cylon then of course was Darryl and Elena Tighe. So well done to them for a truly masterful victory and playing cat and mouse with the poor hapless humans.

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